Turning Tides waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Turning Tides
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B,A, ||:G,A, B,D GA | B2 A2 GD | ~E2 DB, D2 | ((3EGE) DB, D2 |
G,A, B,D GA | B2 d2 B2 | ~A2 cA FD | ~A2 cA FD |
G,A, B,D GA | B2 A2 G(D | E)G cd ef | gb ag fe |
d3 e dc | B2 A2 B2 |cA FD BA ||[1 GE DC B,A, :|| [2 G3 (A (3Bcd) ||]
ga ba gd | fg ag fd | ef gf ed | c3 e dc |
B3 d ga | b2 c'2 b2 | ~a2 c'a fd | (3aba c'a fd |
~d'2 ~c'2 ~b2 | ~a2 ~g2 f2 | ed ea ge | de ga b2 |
c'b c'e' d'c' | b2 a2 b2 | c'a fd ba ||[1 g3 (A (3Bcd) :|| [2 g2-g2 ||]

Three comments

Turning Tides

Beautiful waltz by Claire Egan, as requested by ‘ceili’…

Re: Turning Tides

Thanks a million Florence, now I’m happy…..
It’s a beautiful waltz and beautiful played.

And thanks to you also Khelton Headley for the thought……..but Florence were faster than you 😉

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