A Hole In The Head jig

Also known as Hole In The Head, The Hole In The Head, Trump’s Toup, Trumpstoup.

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X: 1
T: A Hole In The Head
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
EE e^de|dc BB^A|BG AAA|GF E3|
EE e2 e|dc B^AB|cG A^GA|cF EGE|
EE ee^d|ec B2 B|AG FAF|E^D E3||
EG F2 D|Ac BGE|[M:6/8] E^DE FAA|[M:5/8] cF E3||

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“A Hole In The Head” ~ a recent ear worm

Take care how you fill it in. Not all compost is the same, and some is so raw with crap that it’s toxic and nothing of use can grow in it. 😏

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This came out as I was thinking about family and friends and their responses, and reported nausea and illness, during and after the recent U.S. presidential race (slamming)… I suspect they’ll let me know when the civil war really gets going… The 5/8, and that’s how it came, can be taken as a nod of respect for all immigrants who contribute positively to the world, including from Eastern Europe, having come to know some of those hard working souls. Here in Britain, back in Cymru/Wales, we had friends who were pretty hard core English, in a strong lean to the right sort of way, England for the English, meaning White Anglo Saxon English, and they living in one of the main enclaves of Welsh speaking Welsh, that being their first language, like it is for my dear wife. This couple, who would do pretty much anything they could if you were needing help, whatever your creed or origin, had this notion that all the ills of Britain came down to immigrants. When I shared with them the most recent facts on this, the statistics, they didn’t complain or come back with a counter attack, bless ‘em. Those facts were that of all the crime in Britain the largest group contributing to those crimes, were, at the time, not long ago ~ WHITE!!! ~ and U.K. citizens… It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that were also the same case in the not so ‘United’ States of America… We so want to have someone to blame for all our ills, and ideally someone as far away from who we are as possible, so ‘foreigners’ are an easy target for that angst.

Sadly racist attacks, including among children in schools, has risen with Brexit, and the same with the recent results of the presidential election. Both situations share a lot of correlations, including that old WHITE men have had a lot to do with both results. With both results the youth vote was the contrary, to stay in and work with Europe, as a part of that community, and for Clinton. Bless ‘em, I hope their reason survives and they eventually reclaim the back stepping both results represent. I recently heard on the radio someone comparing the ‘president elect’ with another president in the past, the 1800s, Andrew Jackson, and his native American removal policy which resulted in the Cherokee nation’s ‘Trail of Tears’, 1838 & 39. Have we been pushed back that far? Let’s see, plans to abolish many rights, including hard won rights for women, and for the environment, by someone who, in the warmest year yet (2016), thinks scientists are of no consequence, especially if they disagree with he of no real expertise on any scientific subject, and someone who also believes there’s no such thing as global warming, that it’s all a scam?

Those who have written me of late saying they were feeling ill after this recent result, it turns out they were all women ~ wives, mothers, daughters, sisters… But, if I dwell too much on all that this president elect and his minions have said, I too start to feel a little unbalanced and ill, headache and nausea. It’s nothing a pill can fix, not a sedative or an anti-depressant, or any combination…

Enough waffling, sadly, my father would be in his element if he were still alive…

On school racism and general bullying and violence, I have personal experience. I’ll share just one relevant incident, only the one, in Junior High School, living in Brunswick, Georgia where at the time the petrol stations still had three toilets ~ Male, Female, & Colored! My best friend, a sweet man, talented musician and athlete, turned out to be black, NSPCC select and one of a dozen chosen to attend the local High School, Glynn Academy. One day at school, my Junior High School, in the hall and moving between classes, this kid much taller than me, who had been put back a year or two, stopped me in my path, and snap, out came a switch blade, the biggest one I’ve ever seen, then and since, and aimed at me. Then followed the threat, something along the lines of, “If I see you with that black ******* again I’ll gut you!” YUCK! I didn’t listen, and, fortunately, he never did gut me…

Another sad truth associated with this, I could never invite my friend home to visit with us. My parents wouldn’t allow it, but were understandably worried. Two families/houses on our street had crosses burned in their yard, directly across from us, and just a few houses down. The one a few houses down was where they’d poured the shape of a cross in the lawn with petrol and then set it alight. That killed the grass and for a long time showed. All I knew of both was that it came from someone in those two families merely showing some kindness of friendship towards someone of ‘colour’. I and some friends out camping once came across a Klu Klux Klan meeting out in the woods, where they also burned a large wooden cross, with a lot of shoting, all of them wearing those outfits with the pointy hats and eye holes. Crazy! It’s a mad, mad, mad world…

I wonder if there will be an age limit when they start colonizing Mars?, not that we’d necessarily be able to escape ignorance and bigotry by that means…


Correction to that bit about the KKK ~ “with a lot of ‘shouting’” (not “shoting”) ~

Also sad is the news that membership of the KKK is on the rise in America. It seems they are here too…

Re: A Hole In The Head

Well you know, the ruling class has to keep us pitted against each other, lest we join together and take a good hard look at THEM. Hopefully we’ll figure that out one day.

Nice tune, even if I’m clueless on how to swing a 5/8 jig.

Re: A Hole In The Head

Well, c, I’m neither a woman nor a person of color but I too have been fighting nausea and despair since Tuesday. Talking to friends doesn’t seem to help; in fact I live in upstate New York, which is Trump country, and for the first time in my life when I talk to friends or like-minded students about the election we all unconsciously lower our voices for fear of being overheard. I have always worn my left-wing politics on my sleeve; now I worry that I’ll come home from work and find a swastika painted on my house or worse. I have no children but I fear that my nieces and nephews will grow up in an uninhabitable world. I fear for those like my artist friend Tim who is in public assistance. I could go on, but who needs the litany?
As always, the greatest solace is music. So thank you, my friend, if I may call you that, for the tune. It sounds a bit like a weirdly mutated Carol of the Bells (but not annoyingly so) and seems oddly appropriate.

The sins of the father ~

I let slip a mention of my da above. As it’s nearing Christmas all this reminded me of one gift I once gave him, a subscription to “New Scientist”. I thought I was doing something he’d like. He’d always been into mags like “Popular Science”, “Science Illustrated”, “Scientific American”, so I thought, perfect. I did this from the distance of thousands of miles. When I finally got over to visit I asked him if he liked it. The answer was “No! It’s too left wing for me!” 😏

Another gift was in part thrown back at me. I was looking for music from around the time my mother and father were dating. Part of that package included Bill Haley and the Comets. He let me know he didn’t like it, that he hates rock and roll. However, I did get it part right, as he liked the recordings of old crooners I’d sent him. I got my own way some too. He’d always loved the singing of Dinah Washington. I got him the ‘complete’ set, from her early years to her more commercial recordings. I never did get him to say anything about that, but at least he didn’t come back with any negatives either.

As a kid he used to knock me around, and sometimes accompanying that was his accusation that I was a ‘commie’. I always denied that and followed it up with “I’m not a commie, I’m a socialist!” But he couldn’t see any difference, wasn’t able to make any distinction between the two, or to realize there are shades and pastels, all kinds of varieties of both, and various mixes too. He preferred things just black or white. He never liked my retort, ‘talking back’, which only aggravated him more. If only I’d learned to just shut up.

I once put my family to the test, a group of question from, I think it was, “Popular Psychology”, a test about political inclinations, divided into quarters. My father and brother were to the right and below, that quarter merely described as ‘fascist’. My mom was to the left and down, unquestionably a communist, something I never let my father know. No surprise, I was a socialist of some variety, to the left and up. 😉 One quarter I can’t remember, my sister was in, to the right and up? I think it might have been Capitalist?

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Absolutely 5stringfool, your friendship is most welcome and reciprocal. Also, music will always be one of my salvations… I’d guess I’m most likely a musician and lover of music before just about anything else.

Re: A Hole In The Head

A hole in the head… in honor of those who voted for Trump who apparently have one? 🙂 A somewhat sad, yet neat little tune.


Correction to my above ramble about a dear friend and the racist attacks we both experienced, typing too fast resulted in NSPCC, which was a mistake and instead should have been NAACP!!! ~ as it was at that time, back in the 1960s, when the only integration at the time and place was selective and limited…

Near that high school was an elementary school. I remember observing children playing together without any choice of segregation, but when two of different coloured skin got together, I noticed adults intervening and separating them. We’ve come a long way from then, but we still have a long way to go.

Re: A Hole In The Head

The intended suggestion is that this is something we all suffer from and need to be aware of. I’ve little doubt I’ve more than just the one, hopefully only a few, but I do my damnedest to try to be aware and attentive, like a gardener regularly checking the compost to make sure the composition is right and that it works well enough that the temperature will deal with most potential problems, and that it will work toward being a useful addition of added humus and nutrition to helping things grow in a positive light. However, I’ve been there too when the initial stench of the compost has unfortunate side effects, like attracting rats… These too can usually be managed, one way or another.

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Having recently suffered a troll with regards to this contribution I’d like to say that in my opinion there is no useful proof of ones inclinations left or right to be made from whether or not someone supported or supports Trump or Brexit. The majority of votes weren’t for Trump, the popular vote being for Clinton, but the electoral system in the U.S. gave him the win. Taken with the non-voters, whatever their reasons, a significant majority did not vote for Trump. In the two houses, the Senate and the House of Representative, a huge majority of those elected representatives, including most Republicans, did not support his election. In our experience, a shared opinion among friends and family, this has been the most divisive and nastiest election, either side of the Atlantic, we’ve ever known.

Those family and friends contacting me during all this were upset about the policies represented by Trump and those supporting him. This odd little tune rose up while I was again in the kitchen whipping something up while these concerns and worries were foremost in my mind, a mind that has elements that fall either side of any possible median, left and right. Concerns continue to arise and grow, including from our extended family in Cymru/Wales, and among the many friends we also count as part of that extension. Over here, despite the deniers, we are already and significantly feeling the bite of Brexit. That burn is going to get deeper in the New Year, the biggest of that being the continued decline in the value of the pound and the rise in the cost of resources we depend on worldwide, including fuel and food, and the repercussions of that.

This includes music. I recently, for the first time, two separate orders for single CDs, had to pay three additional charges both times ~ customs & excise, & the postal service’s additional charge ~ because, with the devalued pound, the cost of the item and its postage was over the allowable limit, more than doubling the cost of each CD. OUCH! Because of this I’ve had to put on hold any future ordering of music from North America.