Botany Bay barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Botany Bay
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B2|e2d-c B2 E2|A2-F-E D2E-F|G-DA-G E2 D2|E6|
E-F|G2 A2B-cd-B|e2- d2 e2 B2|d2 f2e-dB-A|B6|
E-F|G2 A2B-cd-B|e2- d2 e2 B2|d2 f2e-dB-A|B6|
d2|e2 d2 B2 E2|A2-F-E D2 EF|G-DA-G EE D2|E6||
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Four comments

The key looks as if it should be in E minor.

Botany bay

Come all you men of learning,
And a warning take by me,
I would have you quit night walking,
And shun bad company.
W:I would have you quit night walking,
Or else you’ll rue the day,
You’ll rue your transportation, lads,
When you’re bound for Botany Bay.

I was brought up in London town
And a place I know full well,
Brought up by honest parents
For the truth to you I’ll tell.
Brought up by honest parents,
And rear’d most tenderly,
Till I became a roving blade,
Which proved my destiny.

My character soon taken was,
And I was sent to jail,
My friends they tried to clear me,
But nothing could prevail.
At the Old Bailey Sessions,
The Judge to me did say,
"The Jury’s found you guilty, lad,
So you must go to Botany Bay."

To see my aged father dear,
As he stood near the bar,
Likewise my tender mother,
Her old grey locks to tear;
In tearing of her old grey locks
These words to me did say,
"O Son! O Son! What have you done
That you’re going to Botany Bay?"

It was on the twenty eighth of May,
From England we did steer,
And, all things being safe on board
We sail’d down the river, clear.
And every ship that we pass’d by,
We heard the sailors say,
"There goes a ship of clever hands,
And they’re bound for Botany Bay."
There is a girl in Manchester,
A girl I know full well,
And if ever I get my liberty,
Along with her I’ll dwell.
O, then I mean to marry her,
And no more to go astray;
I’ll shun all evil company,
Bid adieu to Botany Bay.

Em, definitely

E dorian or E minor, i would think

great lyrics…what a sad story