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One setting

X: 1
T: Lads Of Leith
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
(B/c/)|ded Tc2B|ABG T^F2D|GAB cA^F|(G3 G2):|
|:(B/c/)|d2 b Ta2g|fdg f3|BcB fed|cdB TA2F|
BAB cBc|d2G T^F2|GAB cA^F|(G3 G2):|
|:(B/c/)|d(B/c/)d Tc2B|(A/B/c)G ^FAD|(G/A/B)G Ad^F|(G3 G2):|
|:B/c/|dBb fdb|Ta2g fdB|(A/B/c)A fed|cde TA2f|
(B/c/d)B (c/d/e)c|d2g T^f2g|edc Bd^F|(G3 G2):|
|:(B/c/)(dB/c/d/)B/ dBf|c(A/B/c/A/) cAF|BGd ^FDF|(G3 G2):|
|:(B/c/)|d(B/c/d/B/) fdb|fdg fdB|c(A/B/c/A/) F(A/B/c/A/)|fcA cAF|
B2G c2A2|dBG ^FAD|(G/A/B/c/)d ^FDF|(G3 G2):|
|:(B/c/)|(dB)B dbb|(cAA) caa|gdc BD^F|(G3 G2):|
|:(B/c/)|dfb Ta2g|{f}f2e {e}d2g|{g}f2e dcB|Ace T^F2D|
GBD AcD|BdD cec|dgB AD^F|(G3 G2):|

Three comments

Lads Of Leith

This is a slow air from James Oswald’s Caledonian Pocket Companion, vol. 4 (1760) of Scottish tunes for the flute. It is included in Chris Norman’s album, The Caledonian Flute. In the original book, and in Chris’ album, it’s followed by a waltz with the same or no assigned name.

Re: Lads Of Leith - Waltz

This is the waltz that follows the slow Air:
“Slow”G(B/c/) d(e/^f/) g(a/g/)|Tf3e d2|(B/e/)d (A/d/)c (G/c/)B|TB3A G2|
B(B/c/) d(d/e/) f(e/d/)|gg/a/ ba/g/ (f/g/)f|(e/f/)e (d/e/)d (c/d/)c|TB3A B2:|
|:(d/e/)f (d/e/)f (e/d/c/B/)|(A/B/)c (A/B/)c (d/c/B/A/)|(G/A/)B (G/A/)B (c/B/A/G/)|
TF3ED2|(G/D/)G B/G/B c/A/c|(d/B/)d (f/d/)f (g/=e/)g|(a/^f/)a (b/^f/g/d/) (e/c/d/)A/|TA3G G2:|]

Re: Lads Of Leith

For some reason this old tune is known as “The Beauties of the Ballroom” ( in Cape Breton. It’s in the David Young manuscript as “Lads of Leith” and was used by Burns for his song “She’s Fair and Fause”.