Trondheimsfjorden reel

Also known as Frønk’s.

Trondheimsfjorden has been added to 15 tunebooks.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Trondheimsfjorden
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
Acea gaea|gfed cABc|d3f ecAc|BAGF EFGB|
Acea gaea|gfed cABc|d3f ecab|c'2 a2 a4:|
|:fdAg eB(a2|a)agf edcB|c3f ef(g2|g)gfg abag|
[1 fdAg eB(a2|a)agf edcB|c3f efga|bagf agfe:|
[2 fdAg eB(a2|a)agf edcB|ceab c'3d'|c'2 a2 a4||
X: 2
T: Trondheimsfjorden
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GBdg fgdg|fedc BGAB|c3e dBGB|AGFE DEFA|
GBdg fgdg|fedc BGAB|c3e dBga|b2 g2 g4:|
|:ecGf dA(g2|g)gfe dGAB|c3e de(f2|f)fef gagf|
[1 ecGf dA(g2|g)gfe dGAB|c3e defg|agfe gfed:|
[2 ecGf dA(g2|g)gfe dGAB|cGga b3c'|b2 g2 g4||
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X: 3
T: Trondheimsfjorden
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DFAd cdAd|cBAG FDEF|G3B AFde|f2 d2 d4:|
|:BGDc AE(d2|d)dcB ADEF|G3B AB(c2|c)cBc dedc|
[1 BGDc AE(d2|d)dcB ADEF|G3B ABcd|edcB dcBA:|
[2 BGDc AE(d2|d)dcB ADEF|GDde f3g|f2 d2 d4||
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Three comments

Frønk’s Reel

A Norwegian reel which presumably has a Norwegian name, though in our Edinburgh session that’s been lost to the depths of time and translation so it got renamed Frønk’s Reel, as in the Norwegian version of Frank’s Reel, purely because of the 3rd bar which it shares with Frank’s. If anyone knows the actual name, please do let me know!

As for the tune itself, it’s an upbeat happy fest guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face. It’s great fun to play for both melody and rhythm players, even if it does involve the horrors of third position for violinists!

Re: Trondheimsfjorden

Perfect, thanks a lot! I’ve updated the name now!