The Hut In The Bog reel

Also known as Carty’s, The Castle, Hunt In The Bog, The Hunt In The Bog, The Hut On The Bog, Micho Russel’s, Micho Russell’s, Micko Russel’s, Micko Russell’s, Mico Russel’s, Mico Russell’s, Miko Russell’s Ash Plant, Miko Russell’s Ashplant, Ríl An Chárthaigh, Top Of The Morning.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Hut In The Bog
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
BE~E2 ~G3A|BE~E2 (3Bcd ed|{c}BE~E2 dedB|~A3F DEFA:|
~B3A ~G3A|BG~G2 (3Bcd gd|B2{c}BA (3GAG FG|AD~D2 AB{c}BA|
(3Bcd BA ~G3A|BG~G2 (3Bcd g2|gbaf ~g3e|dedB (3ABA GA||
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X: 2
T: The Hut In The Bog
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
BEED ~G3 A|BE ~E2 Bded|BE ~E2 d2 dB|A2 AF DEFA:|
~B3A ~G3A|BG G2 (3B^cd gd|BdBA ~G2 FG|AD ~D2 ADBD|
~B3 A ~G3 A|~B3 A Bd g2|gbaf~g3 e|dedB A2 GA||

Twenty comments

Are you sure about this key signature? This one appears to be in mixyupian mode!

The hut in the bog

This tune is in Edor.

Castle reel

I’ve always known this tune as the “Castle” reel, which is the name given to it inBulmer & Sharpley’s 2nd collection of tunes. It’s in Em/G - Mary Bergin certainly isn’t playing it with 4 sharps.

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The four sharps are clearly mistaken. The tune’s in Em/G – one sharp dude!

(the poster obviously meant it to be Em.)

Castle reel

This is already in the database as “The Castle Reel” - or “The Hut In The Bog”, which is the name given to it on Mary Bergin’s 1st solo recording.

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sorry, haven

Supposedly a composition of Sligo fiddler Paddy Killoran. He called it On The Road To Lurgan, and plays it on the Milestone at the Garden record, in Em, too.
I’ve always heard this played in Am, and without all the rolls that this setting has. It was also recorded in Am in the 40’s by a group called the Belhavel Trio, this is on one of the Topic CD’s.

I think this is a traditional tune and closely related to “The Fermoy Lasses.”


I can see where someone might say Edor as the triplets are played with c# it sounds like. But she can play in any key she wants with the right whistle, and in fact it’s on an Eb whistle on the album. I enjoy the sort of rhythmic ambiguity in the last line.

Kevin Crawford plays a 3 part version of this on Wooden Flute Obsession

Correction, the Kevin Crawford tune is completely different and can be found as the Cashmere Shawl on the data base.

Slainte, this tune is very similar to the Fermoy Lasses, but how come you’re so sure they’re actually related? That implies that one is directly descended from the other. Isn’t there a chance that their similarity is coincidental?

Their similarity might be just a coinsidence. Who knows?

The hut in the bog

Or they may even derive from a common source, now lost.

I admit I have used the expression “related” rather carelessly on this site, as Dow points out. I wouldn’t use it now. In the original post in 2005, I think, I tried to question the statement that this is Paddy Killoran’s composition. Has anybody else heard of the authorship of this tune?

Different Key

Harry Bradley and Paul Shaughnessy play it in a B minor/D Major setting no? Is this a rare setting or is it just transposed to this key? also is it a possibly easier setting to play on fiddle? all replies appreciated!

The Hut in the Bog

There are actually two reels called The Hut in the Bog, and this is not the one H. Bradley and P. O’Shaughnessy recorded on their album. Here’s the one you refer to:

Tune title…

I’m pretty sure this tune was never called the “Hut In The Bog” until it was given that title - mistakenly in my opinion - on Mary Bergin’s first recording. Can anyone come up with an instance of it being called that before Mary’s recording was released ?
As “slainte” says above, Messrs Bradley and O’Shaughnessy didn’t record this reel, but the other one which he provides a link to, and in Bm/D, as “MickyPipes” points out.

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Micho Russell’s

This tune was also recorded by Sean Keane (fiddle) & Donal Staunton (banjo) for the 1967 Comhaltas Tour Recording ‘The Rambles of Kitty’. They called it ‘Micho Russell’s’ and play it pretty close to the written version originally submitted.