One recording of a tune named
The Hut In The Bog
With a tune named
Brumley Brae

The Hut In The Bog (reel) is also known as Carty’s, The Castle, Hunt In The Bog, The Hunt In The Bog, The Hut On The Bog, Micho Russel’s, Micho Russell’s, Micko Russel’s, Micko Russell’s, Mico Russel’s, Mico Russell’s, Miko Russell’s Ash Plant, Miko Russell’s Ashplant, Ríl An Chárthaigh, Top Of The Morning.

Brumley Brae (reel) is also known as Charlie Fleming’s, Conlon’s, The Funny, John Brain’s.

Raise The Rafters by Molly's Revenge

  1. Lady Anne Montgomery
  2. Brumley Brae
  3. Carty’s
  4. McFadden’s Handsome Daughter