One recording of a tune named
Sow’s Lament For The Tatties
With a tune named
The Lasses Of Stewarton

Sow’s Lament For The Tatties (reel) is also known as The Glenora Falls Strathspey, Glenoral Falls, Glenoral Falls Strathspey, The Glenoral Falls Strathspey, The Soo’s Lament For The Tatties, Sow’s Tail, The Sow’s Tail To Geordie, The Sow’s Tail.

The Lasses Of Stewarton (reel) is also known as Lassies Of Stewarton, The Lassies Of Stewarton.

Timeline by Wendy MacIsaac

  1. Clach Na Cuddin
  2. The Fir Tree
  3. Angus Allan & Dan J’s
  4. Sow’s Tail
  5. Lasses Of Stewarton
  6. Donald MacGugan’s Rant
  7. Brookside
  8. Ann MacQuarrie