My Dungannon Sweetheart jig

By Graham Townsend

Also known as An Phlasog Ghlas, Eleanor Townsend, Graham Townsend’s, Graham Townsends, My Dungannon Sweatheart.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: My Dungannon Sweetheart
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D2E FAd|~f3 f2c|edd dFA|AGG GEC|
A,CE Ace|~a3 a2f|gec ABc|1 dFB AFE:|2 d3 dag||
|:~f3 fdB|~A3 A2B|AFB AFB|AGG G2g|
gfa gec|Ace a2f|gec ABc|1 dFB AFE:|2 d3 d3||
X: 2
T: My Dungannon Sweetheart
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
G,|:C2 E Gcd|e3 e2 B|dc/c/c cGE|GFF FDB,|
G,B,D GBd|g3 g2 e|fdB GAB|1 cEA GED:|2 c3 c2 d||
|:ee/e/e ecA|G3- GEA|GEA GEA|GFF FEF|
fff fdB|GB/c/d g2 e|fdB GAB|1 cEA Gcd:|2 c3- c2||
X: 3
T: My Dungannon Sweetheart
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A|:DDE FAd|f3 fec|edd dAF|A>GG GE[Cc]|
[A,A][Cc]E Ace|a3 agf|gec A>Bc|1 dFB AFE:|2 d3- d2 e||
|:f3 fdB|A3 AFE|AFB AFG|AGG GB/c/d|
g3 gec|A>ce a2 f|gec A>Bc|1 dFB A3:|2 d3 d/d/d||
X: 4
T: My Dungannon Sweetheart
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:D3 FAd|f3 fdA|edd dAF|A>GG GFE|
Ace Ace|a3 agf|gec A>Bc|1 dFB AGF:|2 d3- d2 e||
|:f3 fdB|A3 AGF|AFB AFG|AGG GB/c/d|
g3 gec|A>ce a2 f|gec A>Bc|1 dFB A3:|2 d3 d/d/d||
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Twenty comments

What a smart little jig this is - Composed by the late Graham Townsend, a Canadian fiddle player. Recorded by Sharon Shannon, and also by Gerry O’ Connor with Skylark on the first track of “All Of It”.

Thanks Domhniaill; this is a great jig which deserves to be played a lot more at sessions - it’s only when I tried playing it I realised how familiar the melody was but I couldn’t pinpoint the source. Tunes like this are a great argument for continued posting as it’s a great way to get those less familiar tunes into circulation.

Great…thanks heaps. I love this jig and have been wanting to learn it for ages after hearing Sharon Shanno play it but have been too slack to sit down and learn it off the CD. Now i have the dots there’s no excuse.

This tune is called “My Dungannon Sweetheart”, and was written in honour of Eleanor, wife of Graham Townsend. She was from Dungannon, Ontario. I believe this was written in the key of C major originally.

Yes I love this tune as well, discovered it about 1/2 hour ago and can’t stop playing it.

Graham Townsend ~

“Townsend recorded some 200 of his 400 fiddle tunes. His best-known pieces include Royal Princess Two Step, Rocking Chair Jake, Debbie’s Waltz, Maytime Swing, Black Jack Whiskey, My Dungannon Sweetheart, Swinging in the 80s, and Ice on the Road. His compositions have been recorded by Natalie MacMaster and April Verch.”

From the Rounder Archive:

“The late Graham Townsend recorded an enormous number of fiddle albums ~ Graham continued to record for varaious Canadian labels throughout the eighties and did a truly phenomenal amount of backup work behind a wide array of well-known artists. He also published several collections of his own compositions. After a year’s illness he died of colon cancer on December 3, 1998. Tragically, his wife Eleanor, who was also a well-known violinist, died in a house fire just four weeks later, as she tried to rescue her granddaughter from the flames.”

“My Dungannon Sweetheart” ~ a few more ways

K: C Major
G, |:
C2 E Gcd | e3 e2 B | dc/c/c cGE | GFF FDB, |
G,B,D GBd | g3 g2 e | fdB GAB |1 cEA GED :|
2 c3 c2 d ||
|: ee/e/e ecA | G3- GEA | GEA GEA | GFF FEF |
fff fdB | GB/c/d g2 e | fdB GAB |1 cEA Gcd :|
2 c3- c2 ||

K: D Major
A |:
DDE FAd | f3 fec | edd dAF | A>GG GEC |
A,CE Ace | a3 agf | gec A>Bc |1 dFB AFE :|
2 d3- d2 e ||
f3 fdB | A3 AFE | AFB AFG | AGG GB/c/d |
g3 gec | A>ce a2 f | gec A>Bc |1 dFB A3 :|
2 d3 d/d/d ||

Ok, mea culpa, I did a copy & paste job from Henrik. I did try to do the ABC’s first, but his version seemed the best as a standard. Does that constitute credit where credit’s due? The main thing in my view is that this lovely tune is now in the database here.

Good on yuh Danny, a brave and considerate soul. I’ll think of you the next time someone sings “Danny Boy”… 😉

Graham and Eleanor Townsend

I know this is not about the tune, but I felt I had to say this. I am not a fiddle player, but am a lifelong connoisseur of fiddle music, and in my opinion, there’s no better fiddling, no better fiddlers, than Graham and Eleanor Townsend. They were the greatest 🙂

Damn fine dance music… 😉

why is it every time i go to look for a tune it costs me 4 or 5 sheets of paper in a time when we are supose to coserve

Why does it cost you any paper at all?

X: 3 ~ I’ve added some alternate notes, an octave up, for ‘D-limited’ instruments, like winds - whistle/flute/pipes.

Re: My Dungannon Sweetheart

I’ve heard a recording by Graham Townsend himself where he plays the first part and repeat in C and goes into the second part in D. It’s a bit more tricky to finger than playing the entire tune in either key, but it gives it great lift.