Planxty Nancy McDermott reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Planxty Nancy McDermott
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
EG|:A2AB c2BA|c2e2 edcB|c2Bc dcBA|G2E2 G2AB|
c2e2 d2g2|e2a2 agee|dcBA cBAG|[1 E2A2 A2EG:|[2 E2G2 G4||
|:e2a2 a3e|agab a3e|d2ef g3d|gfga g2ed|
e2a2 a3e|agab a3e|edcB dcBA|G2E2 E4:|

Six comments

Gan Ainm

I’ve listed this as "Gan Ainm" as I don’t know the title, although I’ve no doubt it will be recognised by members here.
It appears as the second tune in a set entitled "William Plunkett Set" in a recording of O’Carolan’s tunes by Butch Baldassari and John Mock.
If you’ve heard this recording I’d love to know the name of the third tune in this set also.

Re: Gan Ainm

I’ve had a quick look through Donal O’Sullivan’s Carolan collection, but can only find the first tune in that set, Alastair. In there it is called "James Plunkett", while it is in Bunting as "Young William Plunkett" (without attribution to Carolan). I may have missed it - sorry I can’t help further.

Re: Gan Ainm

Thanks Nigel - I should have said the set on the recording was entitled "’Young’ William Plunkett Set".
The tune I posted here certainly sounds like Carolan but I don’t recognise it as such…

Re: Planxty Nancy McDermott

The title of this tune was kindly communicated to me by Mr White - from what he tells me I only have half the tune here. I’ll add the rest when I can.

Re: Planxty Nancy McDermott

Donal O’Sullivan’s book shows a "Miss MacDermott" aka "Princess Royal" (See #87 ) but that doesn’t seem to be the same tune. Otherwise, can’t find a "Planxty Nancy McDermott" listed as a Carolan tune.

Best wishes.


Re: Planxty Nancy McDermott

Claire Egan doesalovely version of this in gminor into the bunch of keys on her album Turning tides, i will endeavour to writeit out…