Jig Of Mass Destruction jig

By Bryan McAlister

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jig Of Mass Destruction
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:e2g fda|g2g fdB|e2g fda|b3 baf|
e2g fda|g2g fdB|bge caf|e3 e3:|

Six comments

Re: Jig Of Mass Destruction

any info on this tune please? is it your own composition what’s the story behind it? it sounds like it could be nice played at a slower tempo with a swing

Re: Jig Of Mass Destruction

I’ve no idea about any of the backstory I’m afraid, all I know is it’s a good tune!

Re: Jig Of Mass Destruction

You can surely tell us where you got the tune at least?

Re: Jig Of Mass Destruction

I’ve heard now that this comes from the ceilidh band Caerketton; I myself just learned it at the local session, so beyond that I don’t know I’m afraid.


I’ve now found out it’s by Bryan McAlister of Caerketton.

Re: Jig Of Mass Destruction

Oh my gosh, never realised that Bryan was in Caerketton! He comes to our local sessions and plays some cracking tunes. Must ask if the band is still going. I have the Caerketton 1999 CD, but this tune is not on it. I remember them playing for a local ceilidh and being blown away by some wonderfully atmospheric slower tunes they played in between dances and over suppertime, so they did sell a lot of CDs!
(Btw, Caerketton Hill is one of the peaks in the Pentland Hills, just S of Edinburgh, height 475.4m).