Woodcroft Lane reel

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Woodcroft Lane
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
E/F/|| G6E2 | A6F2 | G4A2d2| B4e2f2 |
g2e2f2d2| e4g2e2 | d2B2A2G2| A4E2F2 |
G4E4| A6F2 | G4A2d2| B4e2f2 |
g2e2f2d2|e4g2e2 | d2B2 A3G| G4D2E2 ||
G2B2A2G2| G4G2B2 | d2g2f2d2| e6f2 |
g2e2f2d2| e4d2B2 | c2A2BG3 |E4 D3E |
G2B2A2G2| G4G2B2 | d2g2f2d2 e6f2 |g2a2f2g2 |
e4d2B2 | A2G2B2A2| G4D2E2|G2B2A2G2|
G4G2B2 | d2g2f2d2|e6f2 | g2e2f2d2|
e4d2B2 | c2A2BG3 |E4 D3E |G2B2A2G2|G4G2B2 |
d2g2f2d2 e6f2 |g2a2f2g2 |e4d2B2 | A2G2B2A2| G6 ||
X: 2
T: Woodcroft Lane
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
E/F/ || G3 E A3 F | G2 Ad B2 ef | ge fd e2 ge | dB AG A2 EF |
G2 E2 A3 F | G2 Ad B2 ef | ge fd e2 ge | dB A> G G2 DE |
|: GB AG G2 GB | dg fd e3 f | ge fd e2 dB | cA B<G E2 D>E |
GB AG G2 GB | dg fd e3 f | ga fg e2 dB |1 AG BA G2 DE :|2 AG BA G3 z ||

Six comments

Woodcroft Lane

I composed this one in 2012 and named it for a particular stretch of lane in Weardale, Co.Durham (NE England) that happens to pass a farm called Woodcroft. I spent a lot of weekend and holiday time in the dale when I was a kid in the 1960s, and indeed afterwards. The lane as a whole, AFAIK, doesn’t actually have a proper name. I’ve only ever heard it called "The back road from Frosterley to Stanhope" - which seems a bit cumbrous for a tune title.

The tune itself is a slowish rhythmic air that IMO goes best at or around the tempo of the song Loch Lomond, as the latter is commonly played. I personally like it with the first part played once, the second part twice. These preferences of mine in the preceding two sentences are not, of course, written in stone.

Though I say it myself, this tune can come over very well on the whistle when accompanied by a guitarist or other strings player who has got a good handle on it. 🙂

Re: Woodcroft Lane

The midi playback on this isn’t playing as intended - I’ll have to get back to it. I have a session to go to…

Re: Woodcroft Lane

Midi now sorted.

I like to play this one just a tad faster than the midi.

Woodcroft Lane, X:2

The first setting of this tune that I submitted hasn’t come out well as sheet music, maybe because I was using the longer note lengths - the tune is a moderate-paced air, not a reel. Accordingly I have submitted a second setting of the same tune, with shorter note lengths. This will make the midi play faster than the speed the tune is composed for, but I hope the sheet music comes out OK.

Re: Woodcroft Lane

Still haven’t entered it/got it to work properly - back to the drawing board!

Re: Woodcroft Lane

I have corrected the abc’s. This tune Woodcroft Lane and its sheet music are now properly up and running, not before time 🙂.