Polska Efter Carl-Erik Berndt waltz

Also known as Polska Från Sexdrega, Polska Från Sexdrega #3, Sexdrega Polska.

Polska Efter Carl-Erik Berndt has been added to 10 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Polska Efter Carl-Erik Berndt
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
A/B/c/d/ e2 a2 | gb/g/ eg/e/ cB/c/ | d>e fe cA | c2 B/A/G/A/ Bc/B/ |
A/B/c/d/ ec/e/ a2 | g/e/b/g/ eg/e/ cB/c/ | d>e fe cA | c2 B/A/G/B/ A2 :| [K: Amix]
|: A>B cA B=G | A>B cA BG | A>B cd ef | g>g f/e/d/f/ ef/e/ |
A>B cA BG | A>B cA BG | A>B c/B/c/d/ ec | c/B/A/^G/ A4 :|

Five comments

Re: Sexdrega Polska

I first heard this tune from Filarfolket, but they called it ‘Polska efter Carl-Erik Berndt’

Re: Sexdrega Polska

Thanks for posting this polka. This is one of many Filarfolket tunes I could hum but not play until now. Are there any other Filarfolket tunes on thesession?

Re: Sexdrega Polska

I doubt you’ll find a lot of Filarfolket tunes (or even any other Swedish/Scandinavian tunes) here. FolkWiki focuses on tunes from that tradition and the tune types to begin with, and quite many are already covered (OK, "only" 3340). A search for Filarfolket gave me two hits, one of which is this very tune:
Körepolska - http://www.folkwiki.se/Musik/719
And then we have Hönsafötter (a song) - http://www.folkwiki.se/Musik/530