Scandinavian waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Scandinavian
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
D2|:"Em" E3 F GA|B2 e3e|"C" e3 f ed|"G"B4 AB|"Am"c2 cd BA|BA"G"G3 G|
[1 . "Am" AB cB AG|"D"FE D2 D2:|2 . "Am"AB "D"cB AF|"G"G4 GB||
"G"B2 BA GA|"D"AF D3 B,|"C"CD EF GA|"G"B4 AB|"Am"c2 cd cA|
"Em"BA G3 G|"C"AB cB AG|"D"FE D2 D2|"Em" E3 F GA|B2 e3e|
"C" e3 f ed|"G"B4 AB|"Am"c2 cd BA|BA"G"G3 G|"Am"AB "D"cB AF|"G"G6||

Three comments


A friend who had Pandora on his cell phone played this for me. Not sure I got everything right but that was the only time I had heard it. I think the group was called "Whistling Rufus" or something like that.

Re: Scandinavian

Thank you for your efforts. Alot of folks have been looking for this and it cannot be found on the Whistling Rufus website. Your version is similar, but there are several incorrect runs. Not bad for a hearing it only once however! I have made my own attempt at transcribing this tune and will post it as well.

Re: Scandinavian

Look forward to corrected version, tho’ this one is very pleasant. Have learned the tune on mandolin and will try it on D whistle also. It could serve well as the melody of a song. Sent from Kolkata, India.