E To E reel

By Ciaran O’Grady

Also known as Truffles.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: E To E
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
eE~E2 GFEB,|CEGE DFAd|eE~E2 GFEA|(3Bcdef g3f|
eE~E2 GFEB,|CEGE FAdc|BGGB ADFA|1 BdAF E2d^d:|2 BdAF E4||
|:e3f geag|fdAG FGAc|BG~G2 AFdF|eFdF B2AF|
Eeef geag|fdAG FGAc|BGGB ADFA|1 (3Bcd AF E2d^d:|2 BdAF E4||
X: 2
T: E To E
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:eE (3EEE GFEB,|CEGE FAd^d|eE (3EEE GFEA|(3Bcd ef gefd|
eE (3EEE GFEB,|CEGE FAdc|~B3G AFFF|1 BFAF E^d (3ddd:|2 BFAF E3A||
|:Bdef geag|fdAF DFAd|B~G3 A~F3|BFdF eFdF|
EBef geag|fdAF DFAd|~B3G AF (3FFF|1 BFAF E3A:|2 BFAF E^d (3ddd||

Five comments

E To E

I first heard this fast reel on SIN E first album. It was composed by fiddler (?) Ciarán O‘Grady, whose brother James O’Grady was played the pipes and whistle in the band.
More recently I discovered a version very close to the original one, played by Tara Breen and the Tri Tones, now called RIANTA. Their version can be heard in this video, starting at 2’05 (last tune) :

Re: E To E

Hi Folks

that’s one of mine alright. There are slight differences to the original version that I wrote back in 1993 but that’s all part of the fun! I think Ned Kelly (Very fine Nenagh accordion player) kindly shared a few of my tunes around including O’Grady’s Jig, Dingle David, Spanky’s Farewell (Thanks Kenny!) which have also found their way on to this website. Quite satisfying.

I’m planning to record a few of them this year - mid-life crisis and all that…

Thanks for taking the time to add the tune, fiddlebzh. Much appreciated.

and for the record, I can’t play the fiddle - just concertina.

All the best,


Re: E To E

Just to add in relation to this tune, it has been recorded under the name of “Truffles” as listed on track 2 of the Donall Donnelly, Karl Nesbitt and Donncha Moynihan album, Tremolo. Very keen to know how the tune got this additional name if anyone knows.

Its interesting that even in these modern times, a tune can still become orphaned quite easily/quickly. I suppose its already >25 years since I wrote it. anyone else have this experience with their own compositions?

The Tremolo album details are uploaded on this site so I’ve linked Truffles to the E to E tune for good order!


P.S - Many thanks to Frances O’Rourke in the UK for discovering/remembering the E to E while listening to tremolo on BBC Radio Ulster “Folk Club”