Village Carousel waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Village Carousel
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
DE|F4 d2|E3 F Ac|B6|[D4 B4] Bc|d4 B2|F4 G2|A6|A4 CD|
E4 F2|G4 F2|A6|A4 CB,|A,2 C2 E2|F2 G2 e2|d6|d4 DE|
F4 d2|E3 F Ac|B6|[D3 B3] F DC|B, z z D FB|b2 a2 _a2|g6|g4 a2|
g3 e ce|G4 g2|f3 d Bd|F4 e2|d3 c AF|E3 F Ac|B6|[D4 B4]:|
AB|c6|=B4 d2|c6|c4 =Bc|a4 g2|f4 c2|e2 d4 -|d4 GA|
B6|A4 c2|B6|B4 AB|g4 e2|c4 B2|A6|A4 AB|
c6|=B4 d2|c6|c4 =Bc|a4 g2|f4 c2|e2 d4 -|d4 de|
f4 f2|e4 d2|c6|c4 AB|c4 =B2|B4 E2|F6 -|F4:|