The Pattern Day jig

Also known as Salute To Boston.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Pattern Day
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:ABA AFE|FAA Ace|fed c3|cBA F2G|
ABA AFE|FAA Ace|fga efd|1 cAA ABA:|2 cAA Acd||
|:e3 ecA|cea f3|fed c3|cBA F2G|
ABA AFE|FAA Ace|fga efd|1 cAA Acd:|2 cAA ABA||

One comment

The Pattern Day

The setting that I’m posting of this smashing Cape Breton jig is from the "Hebridean Sessions" album by West Highland Scottish band Dàimh. The tertian harmonic relationship expressed throughout the tune by gestures in Amaj and the relative F#min is particularly tasty!

I’d hazard a guess that the Cape Breton tune connection to the band is probably their piper/whistle-player Angus MacKenzie, who hails from Mabou. The set from their album that includes "The Pattern Day" also plays host to (and leads off with) another great Cape Breton jig that has already been posted on this site a few times: "Mike MacDougall’s" (the Gmaj settings).

I had the great fortune to run hospitality for the band (and to hobnob with them quite a bit) during the first stop of their 2017 U.S. tour. We humbly hosted the band here in Lubbock, TX on January 28 at the Texas Tech University International Cultural Center for our annual city-wide Robert Burns Supper, where they performed a slam-bang 1.5-hour set that included the "Pattern Day Jigs" off of the aforementioned album.

On a delightfully memorable note, the band members who partook of whisky prior to their performance at our Burns Supper remarked that they had never had (much less seen!) any bottlings by the Brechin-based eastern Highland distillery Glencadam. I had selected their Aged 10 Years expression as one of the 14 whiskies for the Scotch bar that evening, and the band was particularly taken by it.