Saltón Del Medio reel

By Igor Medio

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Three comments

Saltón Del Medio

This is really an asturian dance called Saltón, and belongs to a famous spanish group which name is “Felpeyu”.
I dedicate this modest transcription to my friend and terrific guitar player Koke Folgueira, from Asturias, Spain.

Saltón Del Medio, X:2

I took setting X:1 and did a few changes:
Add anacrusis in first part and final ending in the second.
I divided the lines to get better format in the music score.
I changed a few notes in the second part and I think it makes it closer to Felpeyu’s recording.
I speeded up the tune to get better midi file.
Change of ornamentation: I did a few changes, all of them are more about my personal version of the tune.

Re: Saltón Del Medio

Written by the late Igor Medio, one of the founding members of Felpeyu.