Chwerthin Mabon mazurka

Also known as A Baby’s Laugh, A Baby’s Laughter, A Happy Baby, Alaw Mabon, Babi Hapus, Chwerthin Babi, The Happy Baby, Mabon’s Laugh, Mabon’s Laughter, Mabon’s Tune, Mabon’s Varsovienne, Shoe The Baby, Tiwn Mabon, Tôn Mabon, Y Babi Hapus.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Chwerthin Mabon
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: B/ |A>d f2 f2 | g>e c2 B2 | A>c e>g f>e | f<d B2 ^A2 |
A>d f2 f2 | g<e c2 B2 | A>c e>g f<e |[1 d2 d2- d3/ :|[2 d2 ||
|: d>e f>g |a>f d2 g>a | b>g e2 c2 | A>c e>g f>g | a>f d2 (3efg |
a>f d2 g>a | b<g e2 c2 | A>c e>g f<e |[1 d2 :|[2 d2 d2- d3/ |]
X: 2
T: Chwerthin Mabon
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: E/ |D>G B2 B2 | c>A F2 E2 | D>F A>c B>A | B<G E2 ^D2 |
D>G B2 B2 | c<A F2 E2 | D>F A>c B<A |[1 G2 G2- G3/ :|[2 G2 ||
|: G>A B>c |d>B G2 c>d | e>c A2 F2 | D>F A>c B>c | d>B G2 (3ABc |
d>B G2 c>d | e<c A2 F2 | D>F A>c B<A |[1 G2 :|[2 G2 G2- G3/ |]

Three comments

"Chwerthin Mabon" / "Mabon’s Laughter" ~ etc…

Something that came to me after enjoying the laughter and smiles of a new baby to the family, our neice’s, Mabon, and my usual lilting and tickling ivory while down visiting relatives in Cymru/Wales… Originally, in part the condition of the old upright, played an octave lower. I’ve given it in D & G…

I’ve caught myself also dancing a pols to this…

Mabon, I hope your smiles and your laughter will always be good companionship for you, and easily called on, including that ability to look inwards and see what’s funny in what we do, who we are or think we are, to laugh at oneself ~ with understanding, empathy, patience, acceptance, and good humour. And too of music, may it always be on hand to give you pleasure, and solace when it’s needed…