Ben C Niven hornpipe

By Iain MacCrimmon

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ben C Niven
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
A|Beed e2ef|g2Bd fded|Adde dAdf|g2Bg fded|
Beed e2ef|g2Bd fdef|gefd edBA|B2e2 e3:|
|:f|g2Bg egBg|edef g2fe|d2Bd AdBd|g2dB edef|
g2Bg egBg|edef g2ef|gefd edBA|B2e2 e3:|
|:A|Beed e2ef|Beed e2dB|AddB dAdB|ABdA e2dA|
Beed e2ef|Beed e2dB|gefd edBA|B2e2 e3:|
|:f|edef g2ef|g2ef Bgeg|fefd edBd|g2dB eAef|
edef g2ef|g2ef Bgeg|gefd edBA|B2e2 e3:|

Four comments

Ben C Niven

A popular hornpipe, especially among pipers, by Iain MacCrimmon, though for whatever reason the D part rarely gets played.

Re: Ben C Niven

Thanks for posting this - it’s been a favourite pipe tune of mine for years, but I’ve only ever heard it played twice. Once was by a band on Radio Scotland’s "Pipeline’s" piping programme, and it was recorded by "The McNaughton’s Vale Of Atholl JuniorPipe Band", on a cassette tape called "Spinning A Yarn".
Until you posted this here, I had only heard it as a 3-part tune, as you said, so I’m very pleased to have a 4th part, which I look forward to trying. It is weird - I’ve never come across that before, as pipers are usually fairly dogmatic about their settings.
By a strange coincidence, I was discussing this very tune with a piper who attends my flute class last Monday night. He hadn’t heard the tune at all, so I’ll pass it on to him this Monday coming. Thanks once again.

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Re: Ben C Niven

PS - do you know who Ben C. Niven is / was ? I like to know these things.

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