An Ghlaise Bheo slide

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One setting

X: 1
T: An Ghlaise Bheo
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B2d B2G D3 G2A|B2d BAB c3 c2d|
e2g gfe d2g B2d|1 c2A F2A G2d e2d:|2 c2A F2A (G3G2) d||
|:e2g gfe d2g b2g|e2c g2e d2g f2g|
e2g gfe d2B G2B|1 c2A F2A (G3G2) d:|2 c2A F2A d2e d2c||

One comment

An Ghlaise Bheo

This one’s from the inimitable combo of Matt Cranitch & Jackie Daly, as performed on their 2010 album titled “The Living Stream.”

My best guess as to a meaning for the title has something to do with an analogue in the form of “An Ghaeilge Bheo,” which translates out to either “speaking Irish” or (more closely) “living Irish.” If that’s the case, then “An Ghlaise Bheo” could be interpreted as a play on that phrase, as it sounds pretty close to “living English.” “Ghlaise,” to my limited knowledge, means “green,” however…so “the living green” is about as close as I can get without resorting to more serious study. Linguists, poets, and literary analysts–have at it!

It’s still a tasty little slide that I sublimely enjoy playing, especially after the Edor slide “Cock Your Pistol, Charlie.” Ample opportunities abound for bass-button play on a C#/D box!