Lost In Fishponds waltz

By Jon Hunt

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lost In Fishponds
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
B c>A|:"F#m"F3A B>G|"E"E3G A>B|[M:5/4]G>A"D"(F2F3)B c>A:|
[M:3/4]"F#m"F3A B>G|"E"E3G A>B|[M:5/4]G>A("D"F2F3)B c>A|
[M:3/4]"F#m"F3A B>G|"E"E3G A>B|[M:5/4]G>A"D"(F2F3)(A A)>G||
[M:3/4]|:"F#m"E>C E>G A>B|"E/G#"G>E G>A B>c|[M:5/4]"A"A>F A>B"Dmaj7"c3B A>G:|
[M:3/4]"F#m"E>C E>G A>B|"E/G#"G>E G>A B>c|[M:5/4]"A"A>F A>B"Dmaj7"c3B A>G|
[M:3/4]"F#m"E>C E>G A>B|"E/G#"G>E G>A B>c|[M:5/4]"A"A>F A>B"Dmaj7"c3f e>f||
[M:3/4]|:"F#m"c2(3ABc B>A|"E"B2(3GAB A>G|[M:5/4]"D"A>F F>E"Bm"F3G A>B:|
[M:3/4]"F#m"c2(3ABc B>A|"E"B2(3GAB A>G|[M:5/4]"D"A>F F>E"Bm"F3G A>B|
[M:3/4]"F#m"c2(3ABc B>A|"E"B2(3GAB A>G|[M:5/4]"D"A>F F>E"Bm"F3G A>B||

Six comments

Lost In Fishponds

Tune taken from Blazin’ Fiddles Live released in 2007.
It is attributed to The Famous Five a Bristol based band now renamed as Spiro, not sure who actually wrote it. I would love to hear their version of the tune, but alas I don’t think a recording of it still exists. Not sure how the Blazers got hold of it, I think they actually were Lost in Fishponds and bumped into the band.
Being a Bristolian myself I have fond memories of Fishponds as my Gran was born there and lived there nearly all her life. Sleep well Mary Blackmore.
The tune can be heard on Spotify here:

Re: Lost In Fishponds

I found out that Jon Hunt of Spiro wrote this tune!

Re: Lost In Fishponds

I found the Spiro version of this tune on YouTube. I had never heard it before either; the first time I heard this tune was on The Poozies’ album Infinite Blue. It’s interesting to contrast that arrangement with Spiro’s. https://youtu.be/Wpdhklu1ae4

Re: Lost In Fishponds

And here is The Poozies’ version (third tune in the set).