Nine recordings of Drunken Sailor

Also known as A Drunken Sailor, Óró Sé Do Bheath Abhaile, Up She Rises, What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?, What Should You Do With The Drunken Sailor?.

This tune has been recorded together with Drowsy Maggie, The Peacock’s Feathers, The Peat-Fire Flame.

  1. All Ages by Green Tea
  2. Great Big Sea by Great Big Sea
  3. Live 01 by Feast Of Fiddles
  4. Patchwork by Sláinte
  5. Shake Your Shamrocks by Various Artists
  6. The Next Generation by The Bog Band
  7. The Rakish Paddy by Paddy Cronin
  8. Trip To Ireland by Luc Pilartz, Kieran Fahy, Bernard Zonderman & Maarten Decombel
  9. Wrecking Reels by Black Sheep