Owen Connolly’s Fling barndance

Also known as Owen Connolly’s.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Owen Connolly's Fling
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Bc|:(3ded BG D2Bd|gBdB cedc|BGDG BdcB|AG^FG A2Bc|
(3ded BG D2Bd|gBdB cedc|BGDG BdcB|(3ABA G2 G2Bc:|
|:dgBd (3BGG AB|(3cBA (3BAG (3ADD BA|GABc de^fd|(3g^fe fe dcBc|
dgBd (3BGG AB|(3cBA (3BAG (3ADD BA|GABc de(3^ffe|dgg^f g2Bc:|
X: 2
T: Owen Connolly's Fling
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:(3ABc|d2 B>G D2 (3Bcd|g>Bf>B c2 (3edc|B>GD>G (3Bcd c>B|(3ABA (3GFE D2 B>c|
(3ded B>G (3DED B>d|g>Bf>B c>ed>c|B>G D2 B>d (3dcB|(3ABA (3AGF G>A:|
|:B>c|d>gB>d B<GA>B|c>AB>G A<D (3cBA|G2 (3ABc d>e (3fed|(3gfe (3gfe d>c (3cBA|
d2 (3Bcd B<G (3GAB|(3cBA (3BAG A<DB>A|G>AB>c d>ef>g|d>B (3cBA G2:|

Three comments

Owen Connolly’s Fling

…Owen Connolly’s Fling comes from an archival recording of Eddie Murphy (1917-1985) from Greaghawarren, Co. Fermanagh. Recorded in 1972 by Antón Mc Gabhann, it demonstrates the enduringinfluence of Connolly on the region’s traditional musicians, many of whom, like Murphy, werepupils of the celebrated fiddler…
From the liner notes of ‘Our Dear Dark Mountain with the Sky Over it’

X: 2 "Owen Connolly’s"

Taking it for a spin and visiting a few back roads.

As to tagging this as a ‘Fling’, as has happened to some few other melodies ‘that aren’t’ ~ there’s nothing at all in this melody that suggests it is actually a ‘fling’. It would take quite a bit of reworking to make it one. The loss of the dances (2, 3, & 4 hand) has affected many fling melodies to be expanded into hornpipes and double reels, or simply flattened out and sped up as single reels, but there are still the elements and definition in structure and phrasing that make them flings, identifiable as such. This melody lacks those. It better fits the family of barndances…

Re: Owen Connolly’s Fling

Really enjoying ceolachan’s setting at a nice, relaxed tempo.

Thanks for sharing it!

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