Marram barndance

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X: 1
T: Marram
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:B2 d3e (a2|a4) e3d |e2(B4 B2)|B2 d2 e4|
g2 f2 d2 B2|A3G A2 B2|B4 d2 eA|A4 E2 E2|
D2 G3A B2|F4 G4|A2 F2 FD E2 |A2 B2 (3ABA G2|
1E4 E2 D2 |E4 E4:|2E4 D2 D2|D4 D4||
|: e2 a3g e2|e4 d3B|de e6|A2 a3g e2|
e4 dB cd|de e6|e3f ed g2|a3g e2 cA|
BA G2 E4|D2 G3A Be|1c3d B2 g2|e3d e4:|
|2c3d B2 G2|E3D E4||
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I love this Northumbrian piping tune by Margaret Watchorn.

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Re: Marram

It’s so beautiful! This is a find for sure. The only problem I am having, is that I can’t quite figure out how to play the same way that wonderful piper and skilled violinist play it in the video.
The dots don’t quite match, what they are playing. Is it possible Marram might not actually be in 4/4?
Thoughts are welcome.

Re: Marram

I had to double the speed (with the Youtube tool) to sort of hear a 4/4.

Re: Marram

Even the way she sways does not keep time in some places; you think you have the rhythm, then the beat changes. Its not syncopated either.
Its easier to follow once they are both playing but they do not keep a regular time and introduce extra notes into what appears to be a bar.

Re: Marram

Agree with Caroline about extra part-bars: looked at the score above and I think the bar lines are a bit out of place, even for those bits that are in 4/4, e.g. the initial B sounds to me like it’s a lead note to first bar starting on the D, and likewise in the second part, the E is a lead note to the high A, which sounds to me like it’s first beat of the bar. A challenge indeed to score it, but thanks for posting such a lovely tune and video!

Re: Marram

Just listened again while looking at the score, and now disagreeing with myself! Can’t see how to edit my lasy comment either, so….
I now think that the first 3 notes are the lead to the high A, which is first beat of first full bar: and in the 2nd half of tune a lot of the Es fall on first beat of bar!