Thirty-four recordings of The Clumsy Lover

Also known as The Sloppy Kisser.

This tune has been recorded together with Baidin Fheilimi (a few times), Big John McNeil (a few times), The High (a few times), Kelsae Brig (a few times), A Trip To Mabou Ridge, The Bird’s Nest, The Bogannach, Boil The Breakfast Early, Calliope House, The Cliffs, The Congress, Cooley’s, Crossing The Minch, Cutting Bracken, Dancing Feet, The Dashing White Sergeant, Dinkey’s, The Dunmore Lasses, The Fourth Floor, The Gale Warning, The Happy One Step, The Heather Breeze, Hector The Hero, The High Drive, Highland Cathedral, John Morrison Of Assynt House, King George IV, The King’s, Laington’s, The Laurel Tree, Madam Frederick, Mairi’s Wedding, The Mason’s Apron, Michael Dwyer’s, The Mountain Road, The Murray River, The Musical Priest, The Old Bush, The Otter’s Holt, The Oyster Wife’s Rant, Princess Nancy, The Queen Of The Rushes, The Raggle Taggle Gypsies, The Rakes Of Kildare, River Bend, The Road To Skye, Rory Macnab, Rosewood, The Shetland Fiddler, The Ships Are Sailing, Sleepy Maggie, Táimse Im’ Chodladh, Tending The Steer With A Heavy Heart, The Tripper’s, The Trumpet, The Whinny Hills Of Leitrim, The Wise Maid.

  1. An Unfair Dance by Ceolbeg
  2. Around the House by Deenagh Céilí Band
  3. Before Leaving by Caoilte O’Suilleabhain
  4. Beyond Words by Niall Vallely
  5. Cape Breton Fiddle Music Not Calm by Howie MacDonald & Ashley MacIsaac
  6. Cape To Clare by Adam and Dave Shapiro
  7. Drawn To The Flame by John and Kevin Byrne
  8. Edinburgh Hogmany Party Mix by Keltik Elektrik
  9. Hush by Laura Cortese
  10. Irish Music by Sualtam
  11. Irish Nights, Volume 2 by Various Artists
  12. It’s About Time by Sin É
  13. It’s About Time.. by Calum MacKinnon
  14. Junction Pool by Junction Pool
  15. Just For Now by Tina McLoughlin
  16. Live by Oige
  17. Live at the Espresso Garden by Molly’s Revenge
  18. Music From The Heart by Pius MacIsaac
  19. On The Rise by Battlefield Band
  20. Os Amores Libres by Carlos Núñez
  21. Passing Through by Rig The Jig
  22. Rip The Calico by Paul Dooley
  23. Rua by Rua
  24. Snotty Var by Snotty Var
  25. The Irish Folk Festival : "Back To The Future" : 1990 by Various Artists
  26. The Orkney Sessions From The Ayre Hotel by Various Artists
  27. The Piping Centre 1996 Recital Series - Volume 4 by Angus MacColl & Gordon Duncan
  28. The Piping Centre 1997 Recital Series - Volume 2 by John Patrick & Stuart Liddell
  29. The Rhiannon Years by Sin É
  30. The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience by The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience
  31. The Traditional Album by The Barra MacNeils
  32. The Wishing Stone by Face The West
  33. Tread by Tread
  34. Uilleann Tales by Chris McMullan