Two recordings of
The Clumsy Lover
Big John McNeil

The Clumsy Lover (reel) is also known as The Sloppy Kisser.

Big John McNeil (reel) is also known as Big John, Big John MacNeil, Big John MacNeill, Big John McNeal, Big John McNeil, Big John McNeil’s, Big John McNeill’s, Big John McNiel, Duelling Violins, John MacNeil, John MacNeil’s, John MacNeill, John Macneils, John McNeil, Highland Dancer, John McNeil’s, John McNeill’s, John Mcneils, Lord Ramsey, Lord Ramsey’s.

Music From The Heart by Pius MacIsaac

  1. Fred Wilson’s Clog
  2. The Clumsy Lover
  3. Big John MacNeil

The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience by The Sensational Jimi Shandrix Experience

  1. Dashing White Sergeant
  2. John MacNeill
  3. Bogannach
  4. The Clumsy Lover
  5. Dashing White Sergeant (repeated)