Seventy-five recordings of Gallagher’s Frolics

Also known as The Banner, The Clare, The Disk Jockey’s Dilemma, Gallagher’s, O’Gallagher’s, O’Gallagher’s Frolics, Statia Donelly’s, Tell Her I Will.

This tune has been recorded together with The Bush On The Hill (a few times), Fasten The Leg In Her (a few times), The Monaghan (a few times), The Battering Ram (a few times), The Blooming Meadows (a few times), The Connaughtman’s Rambles (a few times), Garrett Barry’s (a few times), The Geese In The Bog (a few times), The Humours Of Ballyloughlin (a few times), The Mist Covered Mountain (a few times), The Pipe On The Hob (a few times), Tell Her I Am (a few times), The Tenpenny Bit (a few times), Toss The Feathers (a few times), The Trip To Sligo (a few times), Aaron’s Key, Andy De Jarlis’, Around The Fairy Fort, Baby Rory’s, The Bank Of Turf, Bimíd Ag Ól, The Blarney Pilgrim, The Bride’s Favourite, Calliope House, The Castle, The Castlebar Races, Christy Barry’s, Coleman’s Cross, Donnybrook Fair, Down The Back Lane, Dusty Windowsills, Father O’Flynn, The Floating Carpet, The Frost Is All Over, Give Us A Drink Of Water, The Glass Of Beer, The Hag At The Churn, Have A Drink With Me, The High, The Hole In The Boat, The Humours Of Whiskey, The Humours Of Whiskey, The Hunter’s Purse, The Hut In The Bog, I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave, I Will If I Can, Ingonish, The Inis Bearachain, Jackson’s, James McMahon’s, Joe Derrane’s, John Brown’s Body, Julia Clifford’s, The Kerry, The Kesh, Kilfenora, The Kilfenora, The Kilmovee, The Knights Of Saint Patrick, La Marseillaise, Lanigan’s Ball, The Lark In The Morning, The Lark In The Morning, The Lark On The Strand, The Leitrim Fancy, The Luck Penny, The Maid On The Green, Man In The Bog, McIntyre’s Fancy, The Merry Old Woman, Miss Gordon Of Park, Munster Buttermilk, The Nightingale, Paddy Fahey’s, Paddy O’Rafferty, Paddy Taylor’s, The Parting Of Friends, Pat Burke’s, The Rambling Pitchfork, Richard Brennan’s, Ronnie’s, Saddle The Pony, The Sally Gardens, Seamus Egan’s, Sheila Mulhaire’s, Sliabh Russell, Statia Donnelly, The Templehouse, Tobin’s Favourite, The Trip To Athlone, Tumble The Tinker, Wallop The Potlid, The Wheels Of The World, Wild Hares, The Winding Road, The Wishing Well.

  1. 60th Anniversary Celebration by The Tulla Ceili Band
  2. A Flying Start by Paul Moran And Fergal Scahill
  3. A Touch Of Clare by Kitty Hayes
  4. All Ireland Champions by The Leitrim Ceili Band
  5. Are You The Concertina Player? by Kate McNamara
  6. Art Of Trio by Luke Daniels
  7. Autographed by Ash Plant
  8. Beyond the Green by Ashley Ashworth
  9. Bound for Amerikay by McDermott’s Handy
  10. Brendan Bulger by Brendan Bulger
  11. Broken Eggs by Cattle Grid
  12. Caught In The Surf by Sheamus Heneghan And Family
  13. Celtic Ceili by Various Artists
  14. Celtic Sessions by Na Connerys
  15. Ceol Ársa na bPíob by Éanna Ó Cróinín
  16. Come To Dance by John Whelan
  17. Contra Roots and Branches by Various Artists
  18. Coyotebanjo by Chris J. Smith with Roger Landes and Randal Bays
  19. Cuckanandy by Moving Cloud (Denmark)
  20. Cuig by Blackbeers
  21. Deliriously Happy by Dylan Foley
  22. Duchas Ceoil “Dance Of The Honey Bees” by The Lennon Family
  23. Echoes Of Erin by The Tulla Ceili Band
  24. Eire Japan by Paddy Keenan, Frankie Gavin & Junji Shirota
  25. Emigrant by The Fureys And Davey Arthur
  26. Father Charlie by Father Charles Coen
  27. Fathers And Daughters by Various Artists
  28. Feis Music 2: Stepping Up by Sean O’Brien
  29. Fiddle And Flute: Irish Traditional Music by Natalie Padilla, Blayne Chastain And Peter Romero
  30. Field Session, Volume 5 by Field Irish Music Club
  31. Fleadh Ceili by Various Artists
  32. From Camden To Tulla by Andrew Mac Namara, Karen Ryan & Pete Quinn
  33. Good To the Last Beat by Coffee Zombies
  34. In Full Swing by Cara
  35. Irish Ceili - The Essential Collection (Irish Dance Music) by Various Artists
  36. Irish Dance Music by Chris Droney
  37. Irish Music from The Favourite by Jimmy Power and Tony Ledwith
  38. Irish Session Tunes: The Blue Book CD by Sheila Garry & Brid Cranitch
  39. Itchy Fingers by Rowan Leslie
  40. Jack In The Box Irish Session by Tionol
  41. Jigs and Reels by Knacker’s Yard
  42. Knocknashee by Harry McGowan
  43. La Harpe Irlandaise - The Irish Harp by Katrien Delavier
  44. Lift by Turlach Boylan
  45. Memoire Celte, Vol. 2 by Broken String
  46. Merry Old Woman by Ballinamore Céilí Band
  47. Mowing The Machair by Fine Friday
  48. Namaume Open by Naomi Nakahara and Chiaki Umeda
  49. Northern Box by Dean Warner
  50. Off To Sardinia by Gráda
  51. One More Time by Billy McComiskey, Brendan Mulvihill, and Zan McLeod
  52. Onward by Lilt
  53. Osna by Osna
  54. Over The Stone by Greenman
  55. Selected Recordings 1985-1995 by Ash Plant
  56. Shaskeen Irish Pub Session by Shaskeen
  57. The Empty Chair by Spirits Of The House
  58. The Flooded Bridge by Patricia Clark And Simon Bacon
  59. The Friendly Visit by Frank Brunel And Vincent Rosinach
  60. The Funny Reel by Joe Burke
  61. The Good Ear by Dougal Adams And Ormonde Waters
  62. The Last Night In Doolin by Irishields
  63. The London Lasses And Pete Quinn by The London Lasses And Pete Quinn
  64. The Lonesome Touch by Martin Hayes And Dennis Cahill
  65. The Mason’s Apron by The Madden Brothers
  66. The New Blackthorn Stick by Andy Lamy
  67. The Phantom Shadows Of A Connaught Firelight (2 Of 3) by Seamus Tansey
  68. The Pipers’ Gathering 2018, Vol. 2 by Pipers Gathering
  69. The Pure Drop by Fiddlehead
  70. The Twisted Oak by Elizabeth Clark
  71. The Valley Of Tees by Vin Garbutt
  72. Traditional Music Of Ireland by Paddy Carty And Conor Tully
  73. Tunes For Practice by Seamus Creagh
  74. Twos And Threes by Murphy Roche Irish Music Club
  75. Warming Up by Martin Mulhaire, Séamus Connolly And Jack Coen