Aiken Drum polka

Also known as Aitken Drum, The Rose Tree.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Aiken Drum
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D>E|:FF G/F/E/D/|B,2 D>B,|A,A, B,D|FE ED/E/|
FF G/F/E/D/|B,2 D>B,|A,A, B,C|D2 D>E:|
FF G/F/E/D/|B,2 D>B,|A,A, B,C|D2 DE:|

Seven comments

Re: Galloway House

I like this one! Good polkas are always a find.
Thanks for Posting!

Re: Galloway House

Galloway House is the name of a dance, for which the tune “Aitken Drum” is used. The tune posted here is called “Aitken Drum” or “Aiken Drum”.

Re: Galloway House

Interesting: recognise the tune as one that some friends play as part of a set in our local session. But the children’s song “Aiken Drum” has a somewhat different tune, in jig time.

Re: Galloway House

Apologies for miss naming it! I had transcribed it off of a video online which had the name of this particular tune as “Galloway House”. Thanks for letting me know!

Re: Aiken Drum

I think the key of this tune is G major, not D major. Doesn’t change chords or notes or anything else.

Re: Aiken Drum

This transcription is, as RannaC states, in G Major. The K line is incorrect. C sharps would be, well… interesting.

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Re: Aiken Drum

Thanks for pointing out that the key signature and notes aren’t correct for one another. Don’t know how I missed that.