A Walk In The Shire polka

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Two settings

X: 1
T: A Walk In The Shire
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|:"C"efed c2G2|"F"A2F2 c2BA|"C"G2GF ECDE|"G"DCB,A, G,2G2|
"C"efed c2E2|"F"FGAB c4|"G"dcBA GECE|"G7"D2G2 "C"C4|
"Am"cdcB A2E2|"F"FGAB c2BA|"C"G2GF ECCD|"G"ECDE D4|
"Am"cdcB A2c2|"F"FGAF c4|"G"GFED FEDC|"G7"B,DG,B, "C"C4:|
X: 2
T: A Walk In The Shire
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:"D"fgfe d2A2|"G"B2G2 d2cB|"D"A2AG FEDE|"A"FDEF E2A2|
"D"fgfe d2A2|"G"GABc d4|"A"AGFE GFED|"A7"E2A2 "D"D4|
"Bm"dedc B2F2|"G"GABc d2cB|"D"A2AG FEDE|"A"FDEF E2A2|
"Bm"dedc B2F2|"G"GABc d4|"A"edcB AFDF|"A7"E2A2 "D"D4:|

Three comments

A Walk in the Shire

This tune is actually from a video game I played when I was a kid, but I find myself playing it from memory all the time. It’s written to sound like Hobbit music (Tolkien’s Irish) so I figure there could be a place for it here, despite the form being non-standard. Here’s the recording of the song:


I transcribed it exactly as I hear it on the recording, but the whistler (or midi player?) makes weird changes every now and then so there’s a few discrepancies. I actually arranged a slightly better version for my whistle that’s being posted under this

Re: A Walk In The Shire

"Tolkien’s Irish"

Are you sure, Zach?

Re: A Walk In The Shire

haha! It was a joke I hoped would carry over the internet!