Shapinsay polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Shapinsay
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:D>F A>B|A2 F2|D>F A<d|f2 d2|e>f e>d|c>d c>B|A>B A>G|F>G F>E|
D>F A>B|A2 F2|D>F A<d|f2 d2|e>f e>d|c>A B>c|d2 f2|d4:|
|:F2 A2|G2 B2|A>F A<d|f2 d2|e>f e>d|cA2^g|a>b a>g|f2 d2|
F2 A2|G2 B2|A>F A<d|f2 d2|e>f e>d|c>A B>c|d2 f2|d4:|
|:A>F A<B|A2 F2|f>e f<g|f2 d2|a>g a<b|a2 e2|A>c e>g|f2 d2|
A>F A<B|A2 F2|f>e f<g|f2 d2|A>c e>^g|a>b a>g|f>g f>e|d4:|
|:f2 d2|a2 f2|d>f a<b|a2 f2|g2 e2|c2 e2|A>c e<^g|b2 a>g|
f2 d2|a2 f2|d>f a<b|a2 f2|A>c e>^g|a>b a>g|f>g f>e|d4:|

Two comments

Re: Shapinsay

This is by the late John (Jackie) Sinclair and published by me in the book of Shapinsay music called ‘The Sound of the String’. The harpist Alison Kinnaird recorded it, too. Both of these versions were undotted, but that’s not to say Fara’s version is wrong - Jackie would have been delighted by this.