Two recordings of
The Tar Road To Sligo

Jackson’s (jig) is also known as Guda An Ais Maurais, The Gudgeon Of Maurice’s Car, Hogan’s Favorite, Hogan’s Favourite, The Humours Of Kesh, Maurice’s Car, The Merry Bonnaveen, Pléaraca Na Céise, Port Mhic Eoin.

The Tar Road To Sligo (jig) is also known as An Bóthar Mór So Sligeach, An Bóthar Tarra Go Sligeach, The Coach Road To Sligo, Coleman’s, The Green Fields Of Ardkiernan, The High Road To Sligo, The Humors Of The Whiskey, The Road To Sligo.

A Tribute To John McKenna by Mick Woods

  1. Jackson’s
  2. The Tar Road To Sligo

Galway's Own by Joe Burke

  1. Jackson’s
  2. Tar Road To Sligo