Twenty-three recordings of Da Scallowa Lasses

Also known as Da Scallowa Lases, Da Scallowa’ Lasses, Da Scalloway Lasses, The Scallowa Lassies, Scalloway Lasses, The Scalloway Lasses.

This tune has been recorded together with Ahint Da Daeks O’ Voe (a few times), Da Lerwick Lasses (a few times), The Underhill (a few times), Rolling In The Ryegrass (a few times), Bonnie Anne, The Bonnie Isle O’ Whalsey, Bonnie Kate, Christmas Day Ida Moarnin’, Da Fashion O’ Da Delting Lasses, Da Galley Watch, De’il Stick Da Minister, Glen Ogle, The Kilfenora, The Lads Of Mull, Lorna’s, Marianne’s, My Kindly Sweetheart, Myra’s, O’er The Isles To America, Scotch Mary, Spootiskerry, The Tail Toddle, Up And Doon Da Harbour, Up The Chimney.

  1. 50 Fiddle Solos by Aly Bain
  2. Blyde Lasses by Frances Wilkins and Claire White
  3. Caravan by Aamos
  4. Deliverance by Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
  5. Diversions by Daimh
  6. Full House by Fairport Convention
  7. Goin’ Across the Sea by Al Goll, Tim May, & Charlie Chadwick
  8. Joe Cant’s Reel by Gwendal
  9. Meeting Point by Aly Bain, Ale Möller and Bruce Molsky
  10. Opus Blue by Catriona Macdonald And Ian Lowthian
  11. Second Album by Boys Of The Lough
  12. Set You Free by Nomos
  13. Shetland Springs Fae Da Bonnie Isle by Gibbie Hutchison
  14. Souvenir Of Scotland by Simon Thoumire, Julia Legge, Jennifer Wrigley, Hazel Wrigley
  15. The Best Of Aly Bain by Aly Bain
  16. The Cullivoe Fiddlers by The Cullivoe Fiddlers
  17. The Lads of Northumbria by High Level Ranters
  18. The Scrape by Mouth Music
  19. The Shetland Sessions Vol 1 by Various Artists
  20. The Shetland Sessions: Volume 2 by Various Artists
  21. The Wandering Suitcase of Stirling by Melinda Crawford
  22. Twenty by Boys Of The Lough
  23. When First I Went To Caledonia by Tony Cuffe