Falcon Bigney jig

By Jerry Holland

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One setting

X: 1
T: Falcon Bigney
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D|G2 G B2 A|GBd gba|aec cde|dBA ABA|G2 G B2 a|GBd gba|
gec deg|dBG G2:|g|b2 g b2 g|afd def|gec ceg|dBa [1Aga|b2 g b2 g|
afd def|gec deg|dBG G2:|2 BA|G2 g B2 a|GBd gbg|gec deg|dBG G2||

Five comments

Falcon Bigney

Written by Jerry Holland.

Falcon Bigney is a musician from Utah, United States. Her older brothers formed the wonderful group Kirkmount.

Re: Falcon Bigney

Where did you learn it, KheltonHeadley?

Re: Falcon Bigney

Hey Nigel, if you haven’t noticed I’ve been on a sort of tear through Jerry Holland tunes, I’ve been obessed with learning his jigs. I have various albums from him, and Paul Cranford has quite a few of his tunes documented. I believe most if not all of Jerry’s tunes are also featured in his 2 tunebooks, which are also available through Paul’s website.

Re: Falcon Bigney

The two Jerry Holland books are prized in my collection. As well as many of Jerry’s compositions, there’s a fine selection of traditional Scottish and Irish tunes in there. I like to know the source of the tunes give here, but unfortunately we often forget to mention it. Did you transcribe the tunes from the records, or get them from Paul Cranford’s site, or from the books themselves?

Re: Falcon Bigney

Indeed. I probably transcribed the tune from his Crystal Clear album, unless I heard it elsewhere, but it’s featured in his second collection(orange book).