Two recordings of a tune named
The Road To Glountane
With a tune named
Joe Bane’s

The Road To Glountane (reel) is also known as Cous Teehan’s, Cus Teahan’s, Cuz Teahan’s, Cuz Teahan’s Barndance, Cuz Teehan’s, Cuz Tehan’s, Cuz Tehans, The Glauntane Highland, Kerry Fling, The Kerry Fling, The Kerry Highland Fling, Molloy’s Favourites, The Road To Glauntane, The Road To Gleanntán, The Road To Glountain, The Road To Glounthane, Slow Barn Dance, Terry ‘Cuz’ Teehan’s, Terry Teehan’s, Winter Fling.

Joe Bane’s (reel) is also known as Joe Bane’s Fling, Joe Bane’s Highland Fling, Joe Banes, Tom Ban’s.

An Rithim Reidh by Micheal Darby O Fatharta

  1. The Road To Glounthane
  2. Joe Bane’s

Notes From The Heart by Mick, Louise And Michelle Mulcahy

  1. Joe Bane’s
  2. The Road To Glounthane