La Gueussinette mazurka

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Two settings

X: 1
T: La Gueussinette
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
"Bm"B2 F2 B/c/d|B2 F4|BA Bc de|f6|"Em"g3 f eg|"Bm"f2 d2 B2|"A/C#m(fl5)" cB cd ed|"F#m"c4 dc|
"Bm"B2 F2 B/c/d|B2 F3 F|BA Bc de|fd B3 f|"Em"gf ed e/f/g|"Bm"fd BF Bd|"F#m"cB ce dc|"Bm"B6 :|
|:"Em"g3 f eg|"Bm"f2 d2 B2|"G"BA Bc "A7"de|"D"f6|"Em"g3 f e/f/g|"Bm"f2 d2 B2|"A/C#m(fl5)"cB cd ed|"F#m"c3 d ef|
"Em"g3 f eg|"Bm"fd B3 F|"G"BA Bc "A7"de|"D" f6|"Em"ga bg eg|"Bm"fd BF B/c/d|"F#m"cB ce dc|"Bm"B6 :|
X: 2
T: La Gueussinette
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
"Am"A2 E2 A/B/c|A2 E4|AG AB cd|e6|"Dm"f3 e df|"Am"e2 c2 A2|"G/B,#m(el5)" BA Bc dc|"E#m"B4 cB|
"Am"A2 E2 A/B/c|A2 E3 E|AG AB cd|ec A3 e|"Dm"fe dc d/e/f|"Am"ec AE Ac|"E#m"BA Bd cB|"Am"A6:|
|:"Dm"f3 e df|"Am"e2 c2 A2|"F"AG AB "G7"cd|"C"e6|"Dm"f3 e d/e/f|"Am"e2 c2 A2|"G/B,#m(el5)"BA Bc dc|"E#m"B3 c de|
"Dm"f3 e df|"Am"ec A3 E|"F"AG AB "G7"cd|"C" e6|"Dm"fg af df|"Am"ec AE A/B/c|"E#m"BA Bd cB|"Am"A6:|
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Re: La Gueussinette

We’ve been playing this Stephen Jones waltz for the last year. X:1 looks like the transcription on The Traditional Tune Archive. The rather odd "A/C#m(fl5)" chord, which becomes an even odder "G/B,#m(el5)" chord in JACKB’s transposition means either an A chord or a C#m-5 chord. Personally I prefer the latter, making it C#m7-5, and follow with an F#7 rather than F#m, which sounds a bit limp. In JACKB’s transposition this V chord should, of course be Em (and not E#m). Again, if playing in Am I would make all the V chords E7.
And it is a lovely tune.

Re: La Gueussinette

Glad you like it, lads and lasses. Approximate pronunciation of the title = ‘Gussie-net’ (no ‘goosey’ or ‘juicy’ sounds please).

La Gueussinette - The Meaning of the title

There is a meaning for this tune’s title, but is a made up French (French Canadian) word.
In short the composer, Stephen Jones, wrote it for his son while he was still in the womb. While his wife was pregnant he was strongly taken with the portrait of a pregnant woman by Gustave Klimt. This one probably:
So the child to be was nick-named "Gussie", after the artist. Eventually a son was born, who they called Gareth.
If you think this a tall story, here’s the original.

Une très jolie valse (bien l’fun à la fûte, en passant).
Composée par Stephen Jones en l’honneur de son fils Gareth. Gussie vs. Gareth, où est le lien me direz vous? La petite histoire veut que peu de temps avant d’apprendre qu’elle était enceinte, l’épouse de M. Jones ait été fort émue par un tableau de Gustav Klimt représentant une femme enceinte (peut-être celui-là). L’enfant à naître reçut donc le nom temporaire de "Gussie", en l’honneur de Gustav, le temps de lui trouver un nom plus officiel (et de savoir si c’était un garçon ou une fille).

Re: La Gueussinette

« In short the composer, Stephen Jones, wrote it for his son while he was still in the womb. »

That does sound like a tall story. If not it, redefines our notion of what it means to be a child prodigy. 😉

Apart from the fact that it was the son who was in the womb (not me), if you read the original French carefully you’ll see it was Gussie’s mother who had been moved by the Klimt painting (not me). She was pregnant at the time, but didn’t yet know it. And btw she was somewhat p!ssed off when she learned that that rather private story had been put up on the web for all to read. So now you can all forget it. 🙂