John Joe McElroy’s barndance

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Four settings

X: 1
T: John Joe McElroy's
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:a2 c'>c' f>fa>f|d>df>d (3ABA A>B|A>Bc>d e>fg>a|(3bcb a>a f>ef>g|
a2 c'>c' f>fa>f|d>df>d (3ABA A>B|A>Bc>d e>fg>a|1 (3faf d>c d>ef>g:|2 (3faf d>c d>d||
d>c|B>c (3BBA B2 d>e|(3faa (3eaa (3faf B>e|(3faf (3efe d>ec>d|B>dc>A B>AF>A|
B>cB<B B>cd>e|(3faa e>c (3faf B>e|(3faf (3efe d>ec>d|B>dc>A B>BF>A|
B>c (3BBB B>bb>a|(3faa (3eaa (3faf B>e|(3faf (3efe d>ec>d|(3Bcd c>A B>AF>A|
B>cB>A B>cd>e|(3faa (3eaa (3faf B>e|(3faf (3efe d>ec>d|(3Bcd c>A B>d (3e>fg||
X: 2
T: John Joe McElroy's
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:(3efg|a2 c'>c' f2 a>f|d2 f>d A2 A>B|A>Bc>d e>fg>a|b2 a2 f>^ef>g|
a2 c'2 f>fa>f|d>df>d A2- A>B|A2 (3Bcd e2 (3fga|f2 d2 d2:|
|:d>c|B2 B>^A B2 d>e|f>ae>a (3faf B2|f2 (3efe d2 (3cdc|B>dc>A B<AF>A|
B>cB<A B2 (3cde|(3faa e>c (3faf B>e|(3faf (3efe (3ded c>d|B>dc>A B2:|
X: 3
T: John Joe McElroy's
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:(3ABc|d2 g>g B2 d>B|G2 B>G D2 D>E|D>EF>G A>Bc>d|e2 d2 B>^AB>c|
d2 g2 B>Bd>B|G>GB>G D2- D>E|D2 (3EFG A2 (3Bcd|B2 G2 G2:|
|:G>F|E2 E>^D E2 G>A|B>dA>d (3BdB E2|B2 (3ABA G2 (3FGF|E>GF>D E<D[B,B]>D|
E>FE<D E2 (3FGA|(3Bdd A>F (3BdB E>A|(3BdB (3ABA (3GAG F>G|E>GF>D E2:|
X: 4
T: John Joe McElroy's
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:c>d|e2 a2 c2 e>c|A2 c>A E2- E>F|E>FG>A B2 (3Bcd|(3fgf e>e c2 c>d|
e2 a>a c2 e>e|A>B (3cBA E2- E>^D|E>FG>A B>cd>[Be]|c2 A>^G A2:|
|:(3EFG|F>GF>E F>GA>B|c>eB>e (3cec F2|(3cec B2 (3ABA G2|F>AG>E F>GA>G|
F2 (3GFE F2 (3GAB|c2 (3eBe (3cec F>B|(3cec (3BcB (3ABA (3GAG|F>A (3GFE F2:|

Five comments

"John Joe McElroy’s" ~ barndance / schottische

S: CD - "Our Dear Dark Mountain With The Sky Over It:
Irish Traditional Music from the Sliabh Beagh Region of North Monaghan/East Fermanagh"
Track 15, the 2nd of two tunes.
Seán McElwain - banjo

I’ve come across and played this before, an earlier source, live, in North America, but I haven’t yet managed to chase up an earlier name for it. It was played as a schottische, which fits with the general family of ‘barndances’. I’ve played it for couple dancing and for other forms, including big circle mixers and Sicilian circles… I’ll add other transcriptions later, and I may also still need to fine tune the transcription I’ve roughly made from the banjo of Seán McElwain.

As I’ve said previously, and worth repeating, a great listen, highly recommended. I’ve already noted some problems with tune categories, which is minor, and a quite odd and rough change between tunes for track 7, but hey, that’s minor. I love this recording, one of our best purchases over the last year or so.

I’ve also some vague memory of a concertina take on this, and possibly coming across it in one of the Kerr publications, or some other great gathering of tunes, but so far no luck finding it. I’ll keep looking. I went ahead and added it here hoping someone else’s memory might score an early source for this… I was dancing to it again tonight, a little something just before a soak and read and then sleep…

X: 4 "John Joe McElroy’s"

Another take, this time in A. However, I’ve a niggling suspicion that I first learned this in C, though I won’t go there unless I find a transcription somewhere for it in that key. Also in the brow furrowing is that there may have also been a ‘trio’? ~ AABBAACC 😏