Two recordings of
The Limestone Rock
Lexie MacAskill

The Limestone Rock (reel) is also known as Tit For Tat.

Lexie MacAskill (reel) is also known as Lexie MacAskill’s, Lexie McAskill, Lexie McAskill’s, Lexy MacAskill, Lexy MacAskill’s, Lexy McAskill, Lexy McAskill’s.

In Stitches by The Flying Toads

  1. Trip To Cullenstown
  2. Lexy MacAskill’s
  3. Limestone Rock

The Starry Lane To Monaghan by Fintan Vallely and Mark Simos

  1. Lexie McAskill’s
  2. Peggy On The Settle
  3. Dan Breen’s
  4. The Limestone Rock