One recording of
The Limestone Rock
The Teetotallers

The Limestone Rock (reel) is also known as Tit For Tat.

The Teetotallers (reel) is also known as Bowl Of Coffee, The Bowl Of Coffee, The Road To Newbridge, The Teatotaler, The Teatotaler’s Fancy, The Teatotaler’s, The Teatotalers, Teatotaller, The Teatotaller’s Fancy, Teatotlers, The Teetotaler, Teetotaler’s, Teetotalers, The Teetotaller, Teetotaller’s, Teetotaller’s Fancy, Teetotler, The Temperance, The Temprance.

By Heck by Frankie Gavin's Roaring Twenties Irish Orchestra

  1. Teetotaller’s
  2. The Limestone Rock