One recording of
The Limestone Rock
Dowd’s No. 9

The Limestone Rock (reel) is also known as Tit For Tat.

Dowd’s No. 9 (reel) is also known as The Cow With The Crooked Horn, Dowd’s #9, Dowd’s No 9, Dowd’s No.9, Dowd’s Number Nine, Dowds No.9, Downe’s No. 9, Hugh Gillespie’s, Jackson’s No. 9, Ó Duḃda - Uiṁ. 9, O’Dowd’s No 9, Summer In Ireland, Uimh. 9 Uí Dhubhda.

Aisling Gheal by Fiachra O'Regan

  1. Dowd’s No.9
  2. The Limestone Rock
  3. Paddy Taylor’s