Catherine Nowlan waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Catherine Nowlan
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(AB/c/) \
| (d2F)z (d>c) | (B2A)z (AB/c/) | d4 c2 | B4 (d>c) |
| ({Bc}B>A) ({GA}G>F) ({EF}E>D) | Dz D2 (DF/A/) | B2 (ez c)z | d4 ||
(d>e) \
| fz (az (f>e)) | dz (.d.c.B.A) | d4 cz | B4 (d>c) |
| ({Bc}B>A) ({GA}G>F) ({EF}E>D) | Dz D2 (DF/A/) | B2 (ez c)z | d4 |]

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Catherine Nowlan

ABCs simply a cut and paste from John Chamber’s collection.
Added when I discovered wasn’t here when linking tunes on "Music of O’Carolan - Ireland’s Bard" by Butch Baldassari & John Mock.

Available to listen on Spotify, and recommended. Much more listenable (to my ear) than many O’Carolan collection recordings I sampled on Spotify, many sounding as if played by non trad classically trained players, possibly reading the score while playing, and some a bit too ‘new agey celtic’ style. And, understandably, mostly on Harp. This is on a variety of instruments for different tunes, including mandolin, concertina and low whistle.