Naoise’s waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Naoise's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DG|:B2- BA GB|A2- AB cA|d2 cA cd|cB BB DG|
B2- BA GB|A2- AB cA|d2 cB AF|1 G2- GA DG:|2 G2- GA Bd||
|:g2- ga gf|e2- e2 AB|cd ef gf|ed dA Bd|
g2- ga gf|e2- e2 AB|cd cB AF|1 G2- GA B/c/d:|2 G2- GA Bc||
|:d2 b2- bf|a2 g2- gd|g2 f2- fd|e2 d2 BA|
GA Bd gf|e2- e2 cB|1 AB cd ef|ed dG Bc:|2 AB c2 AF|G2- GA DG||
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Another great tune penned by John McSherry.
Transcribed off *The Seven Suns*.

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Re: Naoise’s

The tune is named for the character from "The Exile of the Children of Uisneach", a story of the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology.

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