The Creaking Door slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Creaking Door
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DGG Bdd gdB | DGG Bdd cBA | DGG Bdd gdB | gdB cAF G3 :|
gdd gdd BGG | DGG GBd cBA | gdd gdd BGG | DGG cBA G3 :|
BAB cBc dBG | BAB cBc d3 | BAB cBc dBG | DGG cAF G3 :|
dBB cAA BGG | DGG GBd cBA | dBB cAA BGG | DGG cAF G3 :|
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The Creaking Door

Here’s another "lurker" from "Treoir" magazine. It’s maybe a bit formulaic and predictable in how it goes, but, like the other jigs I’ve posted in the past week, it has a simpistic charm about it.
Here’s the story behind it :

"A slip-jig composed by Tom Barrett after the recent Teacher’s Course. Tom says, "If one enters the Conference Room via the Jim Seery library, one must pass through a connecting door. I wonder how many noticed that every time the door is opener it creaks. Funny nobody ever remarked on it or even suggested something should be done about it. I feel the powers that be know all about it and have decided to do nothing ! Why ? The reason is obvious. It has a musical creak !!! And having heard its’ dulcet tones I - "Uncle" Tom - decided something should be done to perpetuate its’ memory. hence the following slip-jig".

This was published in "Treoir" around 40 years ago, and I’ve never come across it outwith its’ pages since, so I don’t think Tom’s had much success with his wish to immortalise "The Creaking Door" - so far. Posting it here might help - that’s up to you. Give it a try.

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Re: The Creaking Door

Aha - I see he has recorded it, on a CD posted here by Nigel Gatherer. Tom Barrett is apparently a fiddle player.

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