Polka John polka

By Cormac Begley

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X: 1
T: Polka John
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B>d ed|g>f ed|Bd 3(Bcd)|BA AG/A/|B>d {f}ed|g>f ed|Bc/d/ Bd|BG G2:|
A|:B2 {AB}AG|ED D>d|BG AG|BA AG/A/|BG {B}AG|ED DD/E/|G/A/B/G/ A>c|{A}BG G2:|
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Polka John

Composed by by Cormac Begley in F, and recorded by him on a Bb/F Suttner treble concertina. Here transposed up to G. It’s a nifty tune followed on this track by another wonderfully-played polka, ‘Camino’, composed by Cormac’s father Brendan. Both tunes are probably now permanently associated with Danny Sheehy’s tragic death in June 2017. Those of us who don’t live in Ireland might not have heard about this - he had been rowing along the Galician coast with Brendan, Liam O Maonlai, and Padraig O Duinnín before the accident near the mouth of the river Miño, at the Spanish-Portuguese border (Caminha is on the Portuguese side). There are some TG4 videos on YouTube ref Danny Sheehy and ‘Camino an tSaile ’ (Camino by Sea), an earlier epic journey from Ireland to La Coruna in the same boat, and Danny’s preparations. From there the voyagers went to Santiago de Compostela. Hopefully both tunes will continue to be played in celebration, as well as mourning.

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