The Hedgehog polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Hedgehog
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D2|G2 G2|G2 AG|GFF^E|F2 DF|A2 A2|A2 dc|B2 G2|G2 GF|
E2 E2|EGFE|E2 D2|D4|D2 FA|cAFA|G2 G2|G2:|
|:B2|d2 dd|d2 ed|dccB|c2 D2|c2 c2|c2 dc|cBB^A|B2 GF|
E2 E2|EGFE|E2 D2|D4|D2 FA|cAFA|G2 G2|G2:|
|:e3 ^d|e3 d|cdcA|G2 E2|FGFD|B2 A2|GAGE|c2 c2|
e3 ^d|e3 d|cdcA|G2 E2|FEDE|FGAB|c2 c2|1 c2 G2:|2 c4||

Four comments

The Hedgehog

Norwegian tune, which is quite well known in Orkney. At end of the polka, first tune is meant to be played
again up to the repeat mark ( da capo al fino) but I don’t know how to put this in abc.

A Swedish woman told story attached to this. A wife, tired of doing all the washing and ironing, lined her
husband’s pants with a hedgehog’s skin. A bit drastic, so perhaps she had more of a grievance?

Re: The Hedgehog

I played this tune regularly when we stayed in Orkney in the 80s/90s but I don’t recall it ever called the hedgehog. I seem to remember it being played by Spaelimennir i Hoydlum who of course had a strong Danish influence and were then essentially a Faeroese group (incorporating different nationalities!). The last section above of course should be in C - the F#s in bars 5,13,14 in that section wouldn’t make sense!
I hope someone can clarify a title for the tune.

Re: The Hedgehog

fiddler71 : I think "The Hedgehog" is a well-used title at least for the first section tune. It figures as the tune for
a Swedish song Igelkottaskinnet (hedgehog skinner). I first saw the whole in an Orkney book in honour of Iris
Nicholson and the Garson Trio published more than 10 years ago in Orkney. Iris Nicholson liked Norwegian
tunes and there are several in this book. Recordings of the Garson Trio date back to 1950s, 1960s and there
has been a reissue on CD recently.

As I commented, the last section of the Hedgehog is meant to be followed by a repeat of the first (which I
didn’t know how to put in abc notation) so it resolves itself into G major to finish. I don’t think any key change
is needed for the 3rd part but if last section sounds good to you in C, then that’s a choice for you?

Re: The Hedgehog

Looked up how to put in DC al Fine hoping that will make clear that after repeat of 3rd section the tune goes
back to first tune and finishes with end of 1st part.