Uncle Rat jig

Also known as The Yellow Wattle.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Uncle Rat
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:~e3 d2f|~e3 d2d|~e3 def|edB AFE|
~e3 d3|efe e2d|BdB Bcd|edB AFE:|
|:edB BAF|~B3 Bcd|edB Bcd|edB AFE|
edB BAF|~B3 BAF|~E3 def|edB AFE:|

Five comments

Tune requested bt drbodhran

Source : Danu _ "All Things Considered"
Transciption: g.m.p.

This is the transcription of the instrumental part ( a jig ) at the end of the song "unlce rat".

Annother setting of this tune has been posted here as The Yellow Wattle, with the parts reversed and in Dmix:

In can be placed in either the Dorian or the Mixolydian mode, since it is hexatonic - i.e. it does not use the 3rd degree of the scale.

The original mode of the thid tune in the Danu recording is D dorian.
I transopsed it to Edor becouse I play it with the D flute.

ideed the tune is playable with the d flute also in the original key.
I don’t know why i transposed it.

Thanks for submitting this one!
I have been playing this one out at my gigs and have a lot of fun with if….with a little trouble with the second part…thanks again!1