Three recordings of
An Comhra Donn

An Comhra Donn (hornpipe) is also known as Am Comhra Donn, An Comhra Don, An Comhra Na DTonn, The Brown Box, The Brown Chest, The Brown Cover, The Chorus Of Waves, O Murchu’s, O’Murchu’s, Pibddawns Huw.

Murphy’s (hornpipe) is also known as Ag Léim Indiaidh An Ṗíobaire, Ag Leimt I Ndiaidh An Phíobaire, Coronation, Crannciuil Ui Mhurcadha, Jumping After The Piper.

Music For The Sets Volume 6: Face The Hob by Various Artists

  1. An Comhra Donn
  2. Murphy’s

Sweetwood by Liam Kelly

  1. James McMahon’s
  2. An Comhra Donn
  3. Murphy’s

The Chieftains by The Chieftains

  1. An Comhra Donn
  2. Murphy’s