Jimmy On The Moor reel

By Dennis Cahill

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jimmy On The Moor
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
gfeg fedf|edB/B/A GABc|BAGB AGFA|GEFD E2 z2|
gfeg fedf|edB/B/A GABc|BAGB AGFD|GEFD E2 B,/B,/B,||
B,EFB c2 BA|GAFG EFDg-|gc=fg egc^f|~f2 ef B2 f/f/f||

One comment

Jimmy On The Moor — an original Dennis Cahill tune

I felt like some due diligence needed to be rendered to this original composition by ace guitarist Dennis Cahill, seeing as it was the *only* tune that had yet to be transcribed and represented on the page for the first recording *ever* posted on this web site.

Most of the motion in the A part will lay pretty easily for folks who have played their fair share of Emin tunes, but that penultimate bar in the B part unexpectedly emphasizes cadential motion from the bright Cmaj VI to the Bmin dominant — very tasty!

The tune is given a very loose and improvisationally inspired treatment on Cahill’s outing with Martin Hayes on “The Lonesome Touch” ( https://thesession.org/recordings/1 ). I have transcribed it in what could be considered a more immediately accessible setting – with a few of Hayes’s variations thrown in for good measure.