One recording of
Molly Bán
Colonel Rodgers’ Favourite

Molly Bán (reel) is also known as Fair Haired Mary, Fair-haired Mary, Fairhaired Mary, Georgia Belle, Gorman’s, Little Molly, Molly Ban, Molly Bawn, Molly Bhán.

Colonel Rodgers’ Favourite (reel) is also known as Coirnéal Mhac Ruaidhrí, Col. Rodger’s Favourite, Colonel McRory’s, Colonel Rodger’s, Colonel Rodger’s Favourite, Colonel Rodgers, Colonel Roger’s, Colonel Roger’s Favourite, Colonel Rogers, John McKenna’s, Master Rogers, McKenna’s, McKenna’s #1, Sean McKenna’s, Sean McKenna’s No 1, Sean McKenna’s No. 1, Welcome To The Country, Colonel Rodgers’ Favorite.

Just One More... by Jonathan Milton

  1. Molly Ban
  2. Colonel Rodger’s Favourite
  3. Monaghan Twig
  4. Suzi’s