Four recordings of
Tatter Jack Walsh
Garrett Barry’s

Tatter Jack Walsh (jig) is also known as An T-Athair Jack Walsh, An T-Athair Jack Walsh’s, An T-Athair Jack Walshe, An T-Athair Seánín Breathnach, An T’Athair Jack Walsh, An TAthair Jack Walsh, An TAthair Jack Walsh’, An TAthair Jack Walshe, An Tathar Jack Walsh, Father Jack Walsh, Patrick Jack Walsh, T’Athair Jack Walsh, Tater Jack Walsh, TAthair Jack Walsh, Tatter Jack, Tatter Jack Welch, Tatter Jack Welsh, Tattered Jack Welch, Tattler Jack Walsh, Tattler Jack Welsh.

Garrett Barry’s (jig) is also known as Barret Garry’s, Garret Barry’s, Garreth Barry’s, Garrett Barry, Gearóid De Barra, Mary Berry’s, Pat Burke’s, Rogha Ghear.

Irish Session Tunes: The Blue Book CD by Sheila Garry & Brid Cranitch

  1. Tatter Jack Walsh
  2. Garret Barry’s

Irish Traditional Fiddle Music from the Heart of Fingal by Brendan P. Lynch

  1. Tatter Jack Walsh
  2. Cook In The Kitchen
  3. Garrett Barry’s

Kerry's Delight and Other Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes by Tom Fleming

  1. Garret Barry’s
  2. Tatter Jack Walsh

Na Draiodoiri by Na Draiodoiri

  1. The Orphan
  2. Garret Barry’s
  3. Tatter Jack Walsh